The King, Bryce Cumpston

Meet Bryce Cumpston, this week’s Campus Celebrity and the 2013 Homecoming King! Bryce is a 22 year-old occupational therapy major expecting to graduate in 2015 with his masters. Our new king is a Morgantown native who felt he started out as an underdog in the competition. 

“With no up front donations I wasn’t able to order campaign shirts in time to hand out like all the other guys, Cumpston said, “ I also am stuck at the Health Science Center campus everyday of the week with my Occupational Therapy classes.”

Bryce turned to social media to get his name out. He posted “Take my advice, Vote for Bryce” on Twitter and Facebook regularly. Bryce also got support from old friends, WVU’s quarterback Clint Trickett and Joey Micheal, better known as Huey Mack, who took to Twitter to help out the future king. 

When the announcer said, “Help congratulate your 2013 WVU homecoming king; Bryce Cumpston”, Bryce said he was overwhelmed with disbelief of how perfect the moment was and how right it felt.


“I know it pretty cliché but the one word that comes to mind is honored.  I’m very pleased that I am able to represent WVU and my hometown of Morgantown on a larger level,” Cumpston said, “I hope people see can me as a positive product of Morgantown; someone who has made something of their time spent here by not settling to be just another face in the crowd, but actually doing something with my time spent as a WVU students.”


Bryce celebrated his victory with good friends and of course his queen, Linden Nelson!


Some other questions I asked Bryce for fun!


Extracurricular activities: Brother of Phi Kappa Psi, Spending time with family and friends while they are still around.


Who is your celebrity crush?

Jennifer Aniston, hands down. Forever and always.  Some things just get better with age, like; ones wisdom, fine whiskey, and of course, Jennifer Aniston.


What’s your favorite food?

 Fresh seafood.  We obviously don’t get much of it here in Morgantown.  So anytime I get close to a shore I make sure to get my fix of crab legs, scallops, fish tacos, anything that lived in a large body of water.


What’s a fun fact about our new king? 

I’m just a simple guy living out the dream in my little college town.  I thank each and every person that has been part of it and a future thanks to everyone that will be. 


Describe your ideal first date:

Dinner, drinks, maybe watch a movie or some football.  I don’t mind cooking either.  Going out for America’s Next Top Chef if my occupational therapy career doesn’t work out.