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James Brunet (Jimmy)

From: New Jersey
Year: Senior
Major: Finance
Relationship Status: Single
Brother of Tau Kappa Epsilon
What do you look for in a girl: good looks, funny, and likes to have a good time
What do you like to do for fun: party, lift, grill, and travel.
What are five words that you would describe yourself with? Wild, humorous, adventurous, spontaneous, and outgoing.
Goal in life: To be able to live to the next summer of ‘69
What’s your favorite movie and kind of music? Blow because I would have loved to live in the 80s. EDM because I like to rage.
Why did you choose to come to WVU? Pretty much my whole family came here, so I was destined to come.
If you could go anywhere in the world, where would it be and why? Tokyo, Japan because I’ve always wanted to have real sushi.
What are your three major turnoffs in a girl? If they are quiet, don’t have good hygiene, if they gossip.
What are you planning on doing after college? Working in New York City, trading stocks and bonds. Living in a pent house sweet. Invest in a lot of real estate. 

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