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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at WVU chapter.

A face already known to many on campus is Jake Evans.  He is currently on the SGA Board of Governors and is about to begin campaigning for Vice President. Jake is a Political Science major and plans to attend the WVU College of Law next fall. His past year with SGA was only successful, and he intends to continue that record into this next school year.  Remember to vote, March 4th – 6th!

Q.  What were some highlights of your last year with SGA?

A. I was the top vote getter for the governor position last year running on a platform of safety. I wanted to get a mobile safety application available to students and I successfully negotiated a contract between WVU and a company called LiveSafe. This application will be coming to students in the fall. I also wanted to start safety walks and audits back up and I just finished that project last week.

Q.  How do you plan to continue your platform this year if elected?

A.  If I am elected I will promise to expand my passion for campus safety to include safe life practices as well. I am working closely with dubvsaferide and am trying to get them sponsored by WellWVU.  I am also working on reconfiguring the drug and alcohol abuse initiatives by the university.

Q.  How did you develop this platform?

A.  I am a transfer student from Shepherd University, and if you haven’t been there it’s a pretty laid back town, and violent crimes were a rarity. When I came to WVU, several my friends and friends of friends had serious safety concerns, so I wanted to make a difference. I am a firm believer in hard work, tenacity, and dexterity. So, I knew if I put the work in I could make a positive change for the university as a whole in regards to safety. I knew SGA would give me the platform I needed to get the conversations started on issues people tend to avoid or push under the rug, and I needed to win to make my vision for this institution come to life.

Q.  What are your current goals for the next year?

A.  I will work as hard as I can to represent the entire student body on difficult issues. When I think of solutions to my problems I try my best to make decisions that positively affect every student on campus. This same work ethic will transcend my governors position into the vice presidency role and result in a positive change for the future of WVU and it’s students.


My name is Kalea Gunderson, and I am a sophomore Broadcast Journalism major. I am from Charleston, WV, but I have found a second home in Morgantown, WV in the Alpha Phi sorority house. I am loving this year so far, and I am only expecting great things!