The importance of traveling during college

Some of my favorite memories as a child are of me traveling with my family. There was nothing like long weeks on tropical islands or seeing distant relatives overseas. Then college came along and being able to travel to places I loved seemed unachievable. Little did I know, this was completely untrue. Traveling in college is very realistic! Studying abroad has become increasingly popular at universities over the past years because of how important it is. Here is why:

1. We have the time

There is no better time to travel than when you're in college because you actually have the time for it. After school you have added stressors like finding your first real job, paying bills and starting a new chapter of your life. Studying abroad in college gives you the opportunities to work toward your degree while exploring different cities and countries, without having to make time for both.

2. Gaining a different perspective on life

College can be hard. You're faced with new challenges, relationships and obstacles that can be difficult to fix. Sometimes it’s being in the same place that hinders your ability to gain a new point of view on a certain situation. Traveling to a new scenery can enable you to grow and learn different ways to take on problems that you are faced.

3. Networking and gaining global friendships

Networking is not just important in the country you live in. Gaining global connections can be an advantage for your future job(s). You might even find someone abroad who could find you a job in that country! The possibilities are endless. Not only can you gain global connections for jobs, you can also meet a new best friend. There you can create memories with new faces you will never forget.

4. Become more independent

Traveling with my family is something I will always cherish. But, after being able to travel the world alone with friends, I realized how different the experience is. You learn how to balance your money and make your own decisions about how you spend your time away.

5. Have a new perspective on different cultures

Industries today are seeking perspective employees that are globally-minded, this means having knowledge on current issues. One of the best ways to become more knowledgeable on global issues is by traveling and exploring before you graduate.

6. It’s inexpensive

After you graduate, all travel costs are up to you. As a student, you are able to receive discounts through scholarships. Scholarships are funded by donors who emphasize the importance of travel while young.There are a ton of scholarships you can apply for that aren't just for your major; personal projects, internships, study abroad programs and international research to name the few. An opportunity like this doesn't last forever, why not jump on it now?