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ICYMI: IFC Moratorium in Place at West Virginia University

There has been a lot of news lately surrounding Greek life here at WVU and on other campuses. This week, President Gee and the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life (OFSL) issued a moratorium on Interfraternity Council (IFC) recruitment and social functions. While, these fraternities will be allowed to continue Brotherhood events, basic chapter activities, and philanthropy, they have been asked to initiate all current new members by February 18th, this past Sunday, and to abide by the policies laid out in the moratorium, found below.


There has been some concern on campus that other Greek organizations will be affected, such as those in the Panhellenic Association and the National Pan-Hellenic Council (NPHC). Organizations that are part of these two councils will not be immediately affected by the IFC moratorium. These organizations will be subject to a judicial review, following which they may be allowed to remain on campus in the fall.


The moratorium is just one step in a four-phase plan designed by WVU officials to help maintain a safe and healthy atmosphere in WVU Greek life and the general population. President Gee has stated that alumni, Greek life leaders, and the OFSL are working to implement the second step of this plan. This step is focused on reviewing Greek life and its members to understand how to begin improving the standards of the community. The third phase will be focused on holding Greek life to the high standards that WVU has for all its students. Suggested measures include raising the average Greek GPA and limiting the duration of new member periods to prevent hazing. The fourth step is to educate all those in Greek life and diminish the issues of hazing, sexual assault, prejudice, and alcohol abuse that have been called to public attention in recent weeks. This will be done through yearly Title IX training, oversight of new member activities, and increased regulation of activities related to alcohol consumption. Lastly, the fifth phase is the relaunch of Greek life, new and improved, and ready to contribute to the WVU community. This phase is expected to occur on August 1st, 2018.


While it may be confusing or scary to hear about events such as this taking place on campus, it is important to remember that this is intended for the betterment of WVU as a community. WVU officials are taking measures to ensure that campus life and Greek life can continue in a healthy manner, rather than banning all Greek activity. As President Gee said, “we can ensure that our students leave campus with bright prospects, lifelong friendships, and treasured memories rather than regrets.”




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