How Youtubers Are Taking Over Popular Makeup Brands

Instead of Netflix shows, my favorite past time became binge-watching my favorite beauty influencers on YouTube. YouTube as a platform has made a huge leap in viewers and creators over the past few years. Among them, are several people who refer to themselves as “beauty gurus” or beauty influencers. Here are 5 ways that these influencers are taking over your favorite makeup brands.




1. Collaborations

Several influencers have collaborated with brands such as Morphe, Tarte, Smashbox, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Benefit, and so many more. Brands are reaching towards these creators more and more to promote their products due to their large following, in some cases over 5 million subscribers.




2. PR (Public Relations) Lists

If you are a frequent Beauty Guru watcher like myself, the creators often mention when big makeup brands send them their newest product that hasn’t launched yet or a new collection for them to try out. These companies are reaching out to these influencers in hopes that they will get reviewed, tested out, and overall get people talking about the new product.




3. Launching Their Own Brands

A goal of many Beauty Influencers is to one day launch their own makeup brand. Youtubers such as Jeffree Star, Huda Kattan, Laura Lee (LauraLee Los Angeles), Marlena Stell (Makeup Geek Cosmetics) have all pursued their dream of launching their own successful brands. Influencers’ loyal subscribers purchase their favorite products in support.




4. Brand Events

Major beauty influencers often get invited to makeup brand events. Daisy Marquez, NikkiTutorials, Nazanin Kavari, and several others often promote these events on their Instagram accounts. Brands will host major events usually to promote the launching of a new product or collection. Recently, Benefit took Daisy Marquez, along with other major creators, on a trip to Amangiri, Utah, for the launch of their newest product, BADgal Bang! Volumizing Mascara.




5. Commercials and Marketing Campaigns

Makeup brands began incorporating popular beauty influencers in their commercials and advertisements. Big time companies like Maybelline New York, Benefit Cosmetics, and Covergirl have all produced advertisement videos with popular influencers such as Manny MUA, Laura Lee, Nicole Guerriero, and more. Covergirl announced their first CoverBoy, James Charles, another YouTube makeup sensation, in 2016.


What’s your favorite beauty influencer? Leave us a comment and let us know!