How to Survive Snow Days at WVU

Snow days can either be great at WVU or they can either be not so great. The state of West Virginia is known to have cold and snowy winters that cause people to not be able to drive or want to even go outside. But, here are ten ways on how to survive a snow storm while being a student at WVU.

1. Wear shoes that are made for the snow. Shoes such as Bean Boots, snow boots, or even nice rain boots. This will help you not slide around everywhere when you’re walking to class.

2. Be prepared for classes to not be cancelled. WVU seems to never cancel for classes, so be prepared for your e-mail’s inbox to have no class cancellations in it.

3. Watch out for ice. Students will fall everywhere when it snows in West Virginia. There is not much you can do with preventing from slipping on the ice except for just watching out for it, even though it is a little funny seeing someone fall!

4. Bundle up! Winters in West Virginia get very cold, so bundle up in plenty of layers when you go outside.

5. Do not skip class because of the snow. Yes, we all want to stay in bed when it is cold outside and never want to leave indoors, but going to class is important and you may miss a lot of information from that day.

6. Take advantage of Uber. Since Morgantown just recently got the service Uber, students can take advantage of the service instead of walking to classes, a friend’s house, or even Downtown on a Thursday night.

7. When classes are cancelled, just know you’re going to have a fun snow day celebrating with all the students! Last year when classes got cancelled, students celebrated on Spruce Street with an iconic snow day celebration.

Snow days overall at WVU can be both a pro and a con. The snow here in West Virginia makes this place special in the winter that even people who prefer the warm weather love the snow. So bundle up and always stay safe from the West Virginia snow!