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How To Pick The Best Roommate 101


Roommates, you can’t live with them and you can’t live without them. They’re the people you go home to and spill all the ups and downs of your day to, the shoulder you cry on when your boyfriend breaks your heart, or your go to ‘Netflix and Chill’ partner. A relationship with your roommate is so unique it’s practically is your first marriage and getting a divorce with your roommate can be more heartbreaking than one truly realizes. So how does one stay away from creating World War III in their apartment? Here are some quick tips on making sure the honeymoon phase never leaves: picking the best roommate 101.

1.     Sometimes opposites don’t attract.

Yes, your best friend is the wild one at the party and completely complements your shy demeanor but there’s always a time and place for everything. If you like to stay in and study most days and your roommate’s calendar is labeled ‘Margarita Monday, Tequila Tuesday, Wine Wednesday and Thirsty Thursday’ maybe you should re think your living situation.

2.     Clean freaks are the best.

While no one truly loves to clean their rooms living with someone that is on top of their cleaning game is a blessing in disguise. Although their nagging may come off as annoying living with someone that is as messy as you can be a complete disaster.

3.     Sleeping schedules matter.

Although you’re not in the dorms anymore (or maybe you still are) sleeping schedules are super important. No one likes getting waken up from their dreams every single night or every morning. So if your roommate is wild for the night or an early bird that catches the worm make sure you pick someone that will respect your quiet time.

4.     Personality checks.

You chose your roommate for a reason and while yes you two practically do everything together remember she has her own friends too. When picking a roommate understand that they will have their friends over from time to time and be prepared to put on a fake smile. But if her friends aren’t yours, make sure it’s clear from the start!

5.     Communication is key!

If you love each other at your best you should most definitely love each other at your worst. Friends and roommates fight but the main importance is talking about the problems and fixing them for the next time. It can’t always be easy but instead of holding grudges and making the other roommate’s life miserable to get back at them, communicate instead!





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