How to Overcome Homesickness in College

The time finally comes when you find yourself stuffing your parent’s truck to the brim with the remains of the last 18 years of your life. Many people that go off to college are bound to feel homesick at some point, so here are 5 ways you can overcome it and enjoy your college years.

1. Hit the books.

Keep your mind off of home and hit the books. It’s a win-win situation- you’ll get a 4.0 while keeping yourself together. The busier you stay, the less time there will be to have a mental breakdown.

2. Meet new people.

Don’t be afraid to “cheat” on your hometown friends and make some new ones! They’re the ones you will be spending most of your time with crying over exams and binge watching Netflix episodes.

3. Work out.

Hit the gym to maybe work off that entire bag of Cheez-its you ate last night. If you’re stressing out about home, there’s no better place to work it off. Not only will it distract you, but you’ll also steer clear of the dangerous freshman 15.


  1. Get involved.

Join as many clubs and activities that you find an interest in. These clubs will keep you busy and help you make friends. These can also be great resume builders, and help with experience for your major.


  1. Party!

Nothing beats getting ready with your new best friends on a Saturday night and hitting the town. It will be one less night hiding away in your dark dorm on Netflix wrapped up in a blanket with three boxes of Cheez-its beside you. So put on your favorite lip gloss and see what the college nightlife is all about.

College will be some of the best years of your life. I hope these tips help you overcome your homesickness!