How to Manage a Long-Distance BFF

When most people think about long-distance relationships, they think about it in a more romantic sense, and while those are really really tough, hear me out. Being far away from your BFF also sucks. Imagine all the times you got sad, or mad, or you just needed someone to come over and binge watch America’s Next Top Model. Your bestie has always been there for you, and always will be, but being far away from someone who means so much to you can be tough. Here are some tips, tricks and ideas so you can show your bestie how much you care, no matter how far away you are.


1.  Call them, beep them, if you wanna reach them

Now while this one might be a no-brainer, calling and texting your bestie is important to keep them involved in your life, and vice-versa. Text them “good morning” and wish them a good day, or call them when they say its been a rough day to try to cheer them up!

2. Time with your face

Schedule a time to skype or facetime your best friend once a week or so, that way you can get face-to-face communication, even though it’s via a screen. If you’re taking the same kind of class, and can focus enough, you can even have a long-distance study date!

3.  Sharing is caring

Just about every social media outlet has a “share” feature where you can DM a post to your BFF. Send them that meme, that dog picture, or something that one guy from high school posted. Sharing dumb internet things helps them know you’re thinking about them during your social media browsing.

4. Best friend = pen pals?

Honestly, getting a letter in the mail is super exciting, so pass that excitement on! Buy some stamps and send your bestie a letter about what’s been going on, or maybe even just about how much you miss them. Doodle some of their favorite things on the envelope and throw it in the mail!

5. Something to look forward to

Plan what you guys are going to do the next time you’re home. Figure out where you’re gonna eat, what you’re gonna do and just get it all planned. That way you’ll be excited to head back to your hometown, and something to look forward to will make the time in between go by that much faster.

6. Be extra

Make a Pintrest board about how your future place together is going to look! Make a Spotify playlist full of songs that remind you of them! Make those sappy posts! Plan that surprise visit! You’re more than allowed to go to whatever extreme you like to show your bestie that no matter how far away you are, you care.

College is stressful, and having your best friend so far away can make it more so, but with these tips you can make sure you and your bestie stay close even when separated.