How to Handle the Cold Weather, While Still Being Chic

The cold weather is finally upon us. Every year we complain about the heat and wish it was cold outside, but then once it finally is, we dread putting on that huge winter jacket that makes us look like a marshmallow. Staying warm and still looking stylish when the cold weather comes can be a major struggle. It’s impossible to look cute while staying warm, right? Wrong. There are some really cute winter-esque essentials out there that will keep you warm and cozy on your trek to class, but will also keep you super chic as well.





Vest: Who says vests aren’t stylish? Throw a vest over your favorite cozy sweatshirt for instant warmth and style.


Parka: Not only are parkas super warm, but they’re also not bulky enough to leave you looking like the Michelin man.

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Jean Jacket: With denim on the rise again, a jean jacket will be the perfect chic outerwear accessory to throw over your outfit for a little extra warmth (especially if you get a sherpa denim cozy!)




Turtleneck: Remember in middle school when your mom forced you to wear that ugly turtleneck to school and you thought you looked so lame? Well they're back now, but this time cuter. Throw on a turtleneck sweater and you’re good to go- no scarf needed.


Flannel: Layering a sweater over your favorite flannel is a super fashionable trend that will hopefully never go away. Layering is key to staying warm in the cold weather (you can easily shed layers once inside) and this a perfect way to do so.

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Over the Knee Boots: These boots will basically keep your entire legs warm and I don’t think I even need to make an argument that these boots are super stylish as well.


Duck Boots: These boots are literally perfect for the cold, rainy, snowy days. Some duck boots are pricey, but there's many alternatives that are cheaper. Paired with some high socks, they are the one of the best ways to add style to your winter outfit.

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Leg Warmers: We’re not in the 80s anymore, but we’re bringing back the 80s trends. You can easily pair these with a cute pair of ankle boots or even converse or sneakers and your legs and feet are sure to stay warm.


Toboggan/Knit Headband: Yes, you actually can wear a toboggan without looking like you’re about to rob a bank. Knit headbands are also a super cute alternative to keep your ears warm if you just can’t do the toboggan thing.

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Blanket Scarf: Blanket scarves are absolutely perfect for the winter weather. They’re warm, cozy, and cute- three things essential for the perfect winter outfit.

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You can easily mix and match these different articles of clothing to keep warm and still be chic while doing so.