How To Deal With Awkward Holiday Conversations

College students everywhere are preparing to return home to their families for a much-needed break. Going home for the holidays means the an obligatory Q and A about how your life is going over family meals. Questions can range from topical to personal and leave you feeling like you need a break from your break.


Here are some ways to answer your relatives’ toughest questions.

Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend yet?

Depending on your current relationship status, this can be a tricky question to answer. If your list of ex-lovers is as long as War and Peace, you may not want to share that information while enjoying your mashed potatoes. For someone who is terminally single, this question can very stressful and maybe leave you feeling embarrassed. It is understandable that your relatives want to know about your relationship status, but it can be hard when they want to know every detail of your life. When this question comes up, tell them that you are focusing on you and don’t need anyone else to validate yourself.

How are your grades?

If you are doing well in school, this question should be a breeze. You can proudly tell your grandma about your stellar course work. But if your GPA is not as attractive, it might be in your best interest to change the conversation. If your family insists on questioning you about your GPA, talk about some things that you are doing well without being specific about grades. The semester is coming to an end, but you still have time to bring your grades up (hopefully).

Who did you vote for?

Politics are everyone’s favorite dinner conversation, right? If the thought of arguing with your relatives over senate seats and party lines stresses you out, you are not alone. Some families have strict “No talking about politics” rules for these kinds of situations, while others prefer to argue freely. Remember to be respectful of other’s opinions, even if they are different than your own. You know you are not going to change anyone’s mind by yelling at them, so is it really worth arguing about?

What do you plan to do after college?

As a college student, the idea of having plans for the “real-world” seems so far away that you may not have put any thought into it. If this question causes you all kinds of anxiety, don’t worry! It’s okay to say to that you don’t know or that you are still working it out. However, you may want to have a few ideas of jobs you can get after college to reassure your family that you won’t be homeless.

All interrogations aside, the holidays are a time to enjoy being with your family. Just know that they ask because they care about you. Keeping all this mind, have fun with your family this holiday season.