How CBD is Fighting The Battle of Addiction

CBD, or cannabidiol, has the ability to treat anxiety, chronic pain and now, is being experimentally used to help those fighting drug addiction. 

CBD is the non-psychoactive chemical compound found in cannabis. In other words, it does not produce any type of high. This compound works in all mammals’ endocannabinoid system to regulate bodily systems. According to Chris Yeager, owner of the CBD company Appalachian Cannabis, it can help bring blood temperature, blood sugar, and blood pressure back to normal. 

CBD is a versatile alternative medicine, and now could be used to help drug addicts cope with chronic pain and even reduce their chances of relapsing. 

A study performed on a rat model ended with long term anti-relapse effects, Science Daily said. Rats with alcohol and drug “experience” and dependency were given a CBD-infused gel on the skin for a week, an application that was extremely effective. “The researchers reported that CBD effectively reduced relapse provoked by stress and drug cues; CBD also reduced anxiety and impulsivity in the drug-experienced rats,” Science Daily said.

Even once the CBD could not be found in the rats, the animals showed the same anti-relapse effects five months from when the experiment was conducted. 

This was one of many case studies conducted with this goal in mind, many showing the same types of results, Medium said. 

This information could potentially help combat the long-fought battle against drug addiction. 

To some, these efforts hit close to home. 

Yeager has lost two family members to opiates and has made it his goal to give people a healthy coping mechanism against addictive substances. 

“Our biggest hope is to just get people away from those deadly pharmaceuticals,” Yeager said. “And it’s helping; it’s helping a lot of people.”

Yeager said that clients come into his store regularly with the same story: they have been taking opiates over spans of fifteen years, but not because they still need to be taking them; they are now dependent on them. 

CBD can help addicts work through withdraw and ease discomfort. 

The possibilities that CBD has in the wake of the opioid epidemic are endless. As new information about CBD is unearthed, it’s potential grows. At this time, research and awareness is crucial. 

The stigma that cannabis bares will continue to breakdown, and out of that, could come a revolutionary aid to addiction.