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How To Beat The Holiday Blues

We have reached the peak of the holiday season, which also means we have reached the peak of sadness for some of us.  I don’t want this article to have a sad vibe, but it’s easier to just be real about it. The first step to beat the holiday blues is to recognize what the cause is.

Most people experience sadness around the holidays because they are single, missing a loved one or experiencing financial struggles. As difficult as it all may be, these things can be fixed, or at least mediated. If you’re experiencing any of these and feel like they’ll stick around until January 1st, you’re wrong.

If you’re experiencing financial issues, your family will understand! Believe it or not, most people tend to care more about the people they are surrounded by, than the gifts that they receive.  Although, if you feel like you still need to get your friends and family something, then a nice homemade gift is always sentimental and well appreciated. It shows that you put time and thought into it.  If you find yourself lacking on the creative side of things, stores are always running great sales around the holidays.

Missing a loved one around the holidays is one of the most difficult things to cope with. Be sure to surround yourself with people that you love, because they are sure to be missing that person as well.  Not only will this help take your mind off of things, it forces you to appreciate and cherish the people that you do have around.   

Being single… ladies...  Enjoy spending time with your friends and family!  Surprise, you don’t need a significant other to enjoy the holidays with (if you have one, that’s great too!).  I know that we all love the idea of having someone to cuddle up to and watch Christmas movies with, or someone to buy gifts for, but that doesn’t define whether or not you have a great holiday season.  And, just think about all of the money you’ll be saving on the gifts you won’t have to buy!

The holidays are a time to enjoy company and be merry.  As difficult as it may be to look past all of the negative things you may be experiencing, try your best to stop and take in all of the positive things you’re experiencing. I’m sure the list of the latter outweighs the negativity in your life.


Madisen is a sophomore honors student at West Virginia University. She is pursuing a degree in Medical Laboratory Science with a minor in Communication Studies. Upon completing her degree, Madisen hopes to be accepted to physician's assistant school to continue her education. Madisen strives to be diverse in everything she does by delving into writing, science, photography, and painting. Being so diverse has allowed her to find the beauty in many aspects of life!
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