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What You “Need To Know” About Doja Cat

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Doja Cat is one of the most well-known female artists within the music industry with over 56.8 million monthly listeners on Spotify. Although Doja has been releasing music since 2014, she did not become well-known until her hit song “MOO!” came out, along with her first album “Alama.” However, “Tia Tamera ” which was released in 2019 was one of the hit songs that had officially put Doja Cat on the map— where she has been ever since. 

Born in 1995, Amala Ratna Zandile Dlamini was always interested in the music industry, as she was influenced by her father, who was a South African composer and actor. Growing up in the nineties was an inspiration for a lot of the music videos and outfits Doja has produced over the years. In both “Tia Tamera” and “Juicy,” the colors and outfits throughout the music videos have clear inspiration from the nineties, and people were all for this aesthetic. This was one of the key factors that made Doja become more popular following the release of her first album— and a handful of songs from her second album “Hot Pink.” 

After her first album, “Amala,” Doja took a slightly different approach to her style of music, which helped her take a huge leap in her career. This included experimenting with rapping, as well as trying out new rap collaborations with other artists including Tyga, Nicki Minaj and Saweetie. 

Keeping the aesthetics new and fresh is one way Doja has been able to stay in the limelight with her most recent album, “Planet Her.” This allowed listeners to see a different type of music from Doja Cat. Doja took a different route for the songs on this album that allowed her to express raw emotions while still keeping up with her image.  This album has given her even more of a platform than she already had, including tours, interviews and sponsorships. She has been nominated for three Grammy Awards and six Billboard Music Awards.  She has won two American Music Awards, in addition to the MTV Video Music Award for “PUSH Best New Artist” in 2020, as well as its European counterpart. 

Even throughout the pandemic and the challenges that it has brought onto the music industry, Doja has still found ways to give her fans live performances at events like festivals or at the “Jingle Ball Tour.”  She continues to produce new content including merchandise and music to keep her name in the public eye.  
Make sure to be on the lookout for upcoming Doja Cat shows, as she is rumored to be touring “Planet Her” in 2022!

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