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HC WVU ’18-’19: Meet Alexa Marks, lifestyle editor and campus trendsetter

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at WVU chapter.

HC: introduce yourself

AM: Hi! I’m Alexa Marks, a sophomore majoring in journalism with a minor in Spanish and I’m from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

HC: How are you able to keep up with the latest fashion trends?

AM: I would say that I love watching YouTubers that share their favorite places to shop and their favorite pieces. I get a lot of inspo from them! Also a lot of brands like FashionNova, Pretty Little Thing, and HoneyBum all sell the latest trends for a cheaper price.

HC: Why and how did you get into YouTube?

AM: I decided to start YouTube because I was really into editing and making videos for fun, and it became a hobby.

HC: What is your favorite part about having a YouTube channel?  

AM: I enjoy the process of filming and editing videos, but mainly because a lot of people began reaching out to be on Instagram or commenting saying that my videos have helped them a lot and some even ask questions about my experience at WVU. It means a lot to have someone take the time to reach out to me to tell me I helped them out!

HC: Do you have any other hobbies you enjoy?

AM: I just started doing Club Gymnastics, a sport that has been in my heart since I was little, so it’s great to be getting back into that. I also love writing if you couldn’t tell already by my major. I’m a writer for Her Campus and Ed on Campus.

HC: What are your plans for after graduating from WVU?  

AM: I’m not completely sure what I will be doing after graduation quite yet, but I do have dreams to work for a big magazine one day. A company like Seventeen, Cosmopolitan or Vogue would be a dream come true.

HC: What is your favorite part about being a social media/fashion influencer in 2018?

AM: I think it’s great that in 2018 social media gives everyone and anyone a platform to be an influencer. Personally, I love sharing my life and my thoughts with people just for fun. Getting great feedback is my favorite part, and it all looks good on the resume!

HC: Any advice would you give to someone who wants to start a channel of their own?

AM: I would say to make it your own, be yourself and be consistent. I’m no expert YouTuber but I am personally more interested in YouTubers that are original and constantly upload interesting content.

HC: Who are some of your fashion role models ?

AM: Most of my role models that have anything to do with fashion or beauty are all YouTubers. My top favs are Daisy Marquez and Nazanin Kavari because they make try-on haul videos showing viewers different outfits and how they would wear and style them.

Te'a DiNapoli is currently a senior at West Virginia University from Morristown, NJ. She majors in journalism and minors in fashion merchandising. Te'a is involved in writing for West Virginia University's Ed on Campus magazine as well as running a personal blog YourDailyTea. During her free time, Te'a enjoys recording and producing her own music as well as drawing. As a writer for HerCampus, she hopes to create more connections with college students interested in the same subjects as she is as well as gain more experience with blog writing. In 10 years from now, Te'a hopes to see herself as a contributor for The Rolling Stone Magazine.
Maura is a senior at West Virginia University, studying honors journalism and leadership. She was the president of Her Campus at WVU from 2018-2019, interns with ESPN College GameDay and works as a marketing/communication assistant for the Reed College of Media. On campus, she has written opinion for WVU's Daily Athenaeum, served as the PR chair for WVU Society of Professional Journalists and was a reporter for WVUToday. She teaches leadership classes for the Honors College and is an active member of both the Honors Student Association and Helvetia Honorary. Maura is an avid fan of The New Yorker, (most) cities and the first half of late-night talk shows.