Hair Barrettes Are Back And It's Making Us All Nostalgic

There is no denying that Bella Hadid and Selena Gomez are fashion icons for this generation. The fanny packs, 90’s-inspired jewelry, tiny sunglasses and now – hair barrettes. Yes, that's right, hair barrettes. If you're one of the lucky ones, then you still have some of your flashy barrettes from Limited Too or other trendy stores from the early 2000s. If you're similar to the majority of us who thought this would never come back, we are currently freaking out on what stores can help us get back on track to being a total trendsetter. The only thing we are missing are the butterfly clips. Luckily for us there are plenty of stores, from Fendi to Urban Outfitters, who are jumping on the barrette wave.

1. Let your hair do the talking.

If you're looking for a way to express your feelings, but aren't in the mood to talk, why not just put it in your hair? Ashley Williams London has amazing ‘bling bling’ barrettes that make it easy to dress up your look. Her trendy hair accessories run anywhere from $40 to $60.

2. Bring back the 80s. 

Maybe phrases aren't your favorite accessory for your hair, but who wouldn't want cute and funky ones? Kuf Vintage is the perfect brand to find the latest vintage jewels. I mean let's be real, how could you resist those 80s inspired barrettes?!

3. Stay in style while under budget.

Her Campus understands that as a college student, you are most likely balling on a budget. Urban Outfitters and eBay make it easy to keep up with the latest hair trend and not feel guilty for buying it. Both sites offer anywhere from classic rectangle barrettes to velvet ones from $4-$20!

4. Make it pastel.

Pastel-colored barrettes are a great way of adding a little pop of color to our outfit, plus they are super cute! Not only does 8 Other Reasons have neon and pastel hair accessories, but they also have cute hoop earrings you can match with them. Overall 10/10 would recommend.

With the runways and Instagram fashionistas flaunting this recurring trend, there is no denying how cute it really is. 

Versace had no limits to when it came to how many barrettes they wanted to incorporate. GiGi Hadid flaunted her gold pieces as she walked for the brand's Spring/Summer 2019 show.


Michael Kors also incorporated the dainty hair pieces with diamond studded hair bows during their Fall/Winter 2018 show.

So if you're into vintage trends like most millennials that bring you back to your chic childhood (*raises hand*), go shop the links above for quality and adorable clips. This is a great way to bring your unique taste to your outfits. Trust me, everyone will quickly catch on.