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Habits Of A Happy Woman


There is no formula to achieve happiness. There are, however, many factors that shape how we find it, one of the most important being your inner happiness. As women, we often find ourselves succumbing to the pressures of looking, thinking, feeling and just living our lives according to society’s standards. Well, I’m going to call BS on all of that. After all our 20s are supposed to be our selfish years, ladies! So forget about what people think, and just do you.

To do that, you need to find that happiness within yourself first. With a few sensible changes, you’ll start to develop a habit of loving yourself a little more.

Below are a few habits that every woman should embrace:

  • Be that woman who starts each day with a positive thought. Accept that not everything in life is going to go exactly as you planned but that regardless of the outcome you will maintain a positive outlook and move forward.
  • Be that woman with amazing confidence. Let people see that everything you do, you do with pride. Put in the hard work and see that positive things do happen to people who don’t quit and finish what they start.
  • Be that woman that surrounds herself with positive people. It’s a known fact that the environment that you allow yourself to be exposed to can influence you. Having negative people around you constantly can negatively affect you and your overall mood. Be around people who uplift you and make you feel happy.
  • Be that woman who is grateful for what she has. Too many times we let the days go by and forget that each day we have something to be grateful for. Take the time to think about the blessings in your life and remember that happiness is not taking anyone of those blessings for granted.
  • Be that woman who knows when to take a break. We are all so busy and we tell ourselves, “if only I could just get through this day/week.” Well, don’t just get through the day, stop and “smell the roses.” Spread your tasks out throughout the week and try to fit something fun into that busy schedule.    
  • Be the woman that you want to be.

 ‘The most exciting, challenging and significant relationship of all is the one you have with yourself. And if you find someone to love the you you love, well, that’s just fabulous.’ –Carrie Bradshaw.

Ashley a senior from Virginia Beach, VA attending WVU. She is currently majoring in Print Journalism and minoring in Spanish. After graduating in May 2016, she hopes to start her career by writing for a magazine or online media company. Besides blogging, she enjoys the going to the beach, watching movies and spending time with the ones she loves. 
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