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Five Items to Bring on your First Spring Break Vacation

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at WVU chapter.

When I hear “Spring Break” I automatically begin thinking of overcrowded beaches with red solo cups covering the white sand and thousands of college students raging to EDM music, just like you see in the movies. Of course, not all Spring Break trips are like a scene out of The Real Cancun, but they do exist. If you’re getting ready to experience your first typical college Spring Break, here are five essentials that you should pack for your vacay!



1. Your favorite bathing suit

Imagine getting to your hotel and start unpacking only to realize you forgot to pack your absolute favorite one piece that you were so excited to get that perfect Insta pic in. Don’t you cringe just thinking about it?! Total nightmare. Anyway, make sure you have your favorite suit packed! You can even keep it in your carry-on just in case there are any luggage issues.



2. A fanny pack

Yes, that’s right. A fanny pack. I’m not quite sure who decided to bring these back, but I would like to thank whoever it was. Wearing a fanny pack on the beach during the day will prevent you from potentially breaking/losing your phone or someone stealing any other belongings you keep with you while daging. You don’t need to worry about holding a room key, sunscreen or phone in your hands, but they’re all still easily accessible!




3. Advil/travel first aid kit

It’s better to be safe than sorry! And you know you’re definitely going to be needing Advil after your first night out. A mini first aid kit can definitely come in handy, and your friends will be thanking you after they ask if anyone has a Band-Aid!




4. Extra pair of flip flops

One pair is definitely not enough, considering how easily you could lose them by the pool or on the beach. Bringing backup flip-flops could save you from having to go spend money at the over-priced hotel gift shop. You can buy cheap flip-flops at Target or Old Navy!




5. Comfy clothes for the plane ride home

Forgetting to pack a clean outfit to travel home in is easy when all you can think about is how close you are to being poolside with your BFFs while sipping on endless strawberry daiquiris. Traveling back home after a long week of partying in the sun can be quite exhausting, and you want to make sure you pack a comfy outfit that will be appropriate for whatever the weather is like back home. Always remember, layering is key!




Now it’s time to make a checklist, pack those bags and have the best ~sprang break~ of your life.

Carly is a senior journalism major in the Reed College of Media with a minor in sports communication. In addition to being a writer for Her Campus, Carly is also a news reporter for WVU's The Daily Atheneum. Originally from Bucks County, Pa., Carly is a huge Philadelphia sports fan. Some of her favorite hobbies include petting dogs, drinking wine and going to concerts. 
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