Finding the perfect halloween costume

It’s that time of the year again: pumpkin patches, cute and cozy clothes, everything pumpkin spice and finding the perfect Halloween costume to wear out! But, with shopping for said costume comes the fear of not wanting to look like every other person wherever you decide to go this Halloween—so don’t worry, Her Campus WVU has got your back.

When you first start looking for the perfect costume, a million things begin running through your head.

“Do I want to look cute or be warm?”

“Wait, how cold is Halloween even going to be this year?” *checks weather app*

Do I want a costume that’s going to slay or do I want one I can still post on my Facebook that my Aunt Cindy follows?”

The answer is easy, you can have everything you want in one costume as long as you start looking early enough and have a basic idea of what you want to embody.

There are several costumes that are pretty basic that you could put a hundred different spins on such as the classic cat, a sports player, a cop, or a devil and angel duo with your friend. However, if you want to really stand out on October 31st, you need to get more creative.

One option that is often times overlooked is Pinterest. Pinterest can be an amazing resource for practically anything you could ever imagine, but have you ever thought of looking there for costume inspiration?

Say that you decide that you want to be Cleopatra for Halloween this year, but want to put your own twist on it to make it your own; if you search ‘Cleopatra Halloween costume’ on Pinterest, you will get thousands of search results within seconds, each different from the last. You can easily combine aspects from these individual costumes to make your own Cleopatra costume that will slay every other Egyptian queen you see on your spooky night out.

Another great option is looking for costumes on Etsy. This can get a little pricey so you definitely have to be careful if you are rocking a tight budget, but you should still be able to manage finding something spectacular. There's endless talented artists across the Etsy platform, and there are even good costumes that people are selling that they have already worn and maybe just want to get rid of.

For this reason it would also be smart to check out Amazon or Ebay: both of these websites have very cool options for costumes and can 110 percent fit your budget. Both of these websites also have settings to lock-in your price budget for you to see what is available and won’t break your bank.

Whether you are able to use any of this information to help find yourself a costume, or you ignore it altogether, try to add DIY accessories if you are able to. These are very inexpensive and easy ways to give your costume its own sense of identity as well as individuality, and it will truly set you apart from the crowd. Have a safe and happy Halloween boo’s-- we hope come November 1st you won’t think your night was too frightening!