Feeling Down? Try Dressing Up!

Coco Chanel once said, “if you are sad, if you are heartbroken, make yourself up, dress up, add more lipstick and attack.” 

She has a valid point. Studies show that the way you dress can actually affect behavior, attitudes, personality, mood and confidence. Looking good and feeling good can go hand in hand, and depending on the type of clothes you’re wearing, you can be psychologically affected.

It is so easy to form an opinion on someone based on the clothes they wear- so it makes sense that the clothing you wear can influence how you view yourself. By wearing clothing that you feel confident in, you are already boosting your mood. However, colors and different types of clothing can take it a step further.


Research shows that wearing bright-colored clothes can boost your mood and energy. It’s recommended to wear bright colors when feeling anxious, stressed, cranky or sad. People associate bright colors with happiness, so wearing these colors can actually boost your mood. Interestingly enough, colors release chemicals which can help your mood. Cool blues release oxytocin which can make you feel calm, while bright reds or pinks release dopamine which improves your mood and boosts your sex drive.


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Darker colors are associated with low energy, tiredness and somberness. When you’re not feeling the best, avoid dark colors- it may just make you feel better. 

Business Wear

Formal office wear can actually result in an enhanced ability to think abstractly which can help in a business setting. A study showed that participants who wore suits instead of sweatpants actually had a better end result in a simulated business deal. Casual Fridays can affect workplace behaviors too. Wearing casual clothes in an office setting promotes teamwork and can break barriers between co-workers. 

Athletic Wear

Wearing gym clothes actually makes it more likely that you will exercise and be more conscious of what you eat. When you wear workout clothes, it can act as a reminder to make healthier choices and while you’re wearing workout clothes that make you feel confident, it is proven that you push yourself harder at the gym. 



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Studies show that wearing uniforms and coats can make people more conscious of their duties and encourage them to pay more attention to their jobs or tasks. Lab coats are associated with attentiveness and wearing one can psychologically make you more attentive. 


Even underwear can affect how you feel about yourself. By wearing something that you consider sexy, you will feel self-assured and powerful. It is suggested that when you need an extra confidence boost, you should wear undergarments that make you feel good, for you. 


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Next time you are feeling down, put on some cute underwear, wear something bright (even if it’s lipstick) and take on the day.