Everything you need to know about thrift shopping

Have you ever wanted to go thrift shopping but have no idea where to start?  Especially now that college expenses are draining our bank accounts, we all need more affordable clothing options and a chance to shop for something vintage, to stand out.  Here’s how to get the most out of your experience and hopefully make thrift shopping less intimidating and more manageable.


The two most important aspects of thrift shopping are the time and place. If you choose to go to a more affluent area or a more populated area you will find a wider array of items to choose from. Tip: rich people give away nice clothes! Once you have found your thrift location of choice, you can head on over for some shopping fun. While you are there, be sure to ask a store associate what day of the week their restock is. If you come early on restock day you will find all the best clothes because other shoppers haven’t picked through them yet.

You’ve made it to the right place at the right time. You want to make sure you give yourself plenty of time to look.  If you aren’t willing to look through all the clothes it’s likely you’ll miss out on some really great stuff. Be sure to check out the accessories: shoes, belts, purses, etc. Some of the best finds are there. Don’t always come to a thrift store with exactly what you want in mind, because odds are you won’t find it. Instead, try coming with nothing in particular in mind and be willing to look at things you normally wouldn’t. For example, the men’s section is great for finding oversized t-shirts and crews. Also, it’s important to keep in mind that you can upcycle your clothes by cropping something or turning pants into shorts!

Vintage is another thing to look for when thrift shopping. A big trend right now is shopping for vintage Levi’s. If you’re anything like me, being able to tell what’s vintage and what came out last year is not your forte. Don’t worry though there are tips for that too! The best way to tell if a pair of Levi’s are vintage is to check the little red tab on the back pockets. If the tag is in all caps you’ve found yourself a pair of vintage Levi’s that came out before 1971. If the “E” in the Levi’s is lower case, then it’s probably not vintage.

Thrift shopping can be a great experience if you are willing to take the time. Coming out of a store with clothes you know you got a good deal on is the best feeling. Don’t knock thrifting till you try it, or you might be missing out on great additions to your closet.