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Elizabeth “Liz” Frattarole

Meet this week’s campus cutie: Elizabeth ‘Liz’ Frattarole!

Hometown: Hershey, PA

Major: Sport Broadcast Journalism

I’d rather be: CANCUN!

Favorite place in Morgantown: Frat Row

Favorite movie: Jackass 3

Favorite dessert: brownies and/or anything with chocolate

An embarrassing moment for me was: throwing up in front of my whole cheer camp from eating too much taco bell

It’s Friday night, you’ll find me at: my big’s house or a frat house

The best compliment I was given: “you look like Mila Kunis”

Last year for Halloween I was: a tiger

I’m pretty cool because: I can rap any Rick Ross song ever made and I carry hot sauce with me everywhere I go.

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