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Don’t Let Cramps Cramp Your Style

Picture this: It’s the morning of a big test and you studied really hard. You made flashcards and study guides and color-coded everything the night before. You even had your friend from down the hall read through all 30+ cards to quiz you before you went to bed. You wake up super confident and get yourself dressed. This is when they hit you: cramps. If you wait for them to go away on their own, you risk paying more attention to your cramps than the test you deserve an A on.


We all get cramps, but that doesn’t mean we should let them cramp our style. Here are some tricks that I received from friends, family, and medical specialists to not let cramps deter you from the success you worked so hard for.

The number 1 trick recommended for getting rid of period cramps is medication. This includes the more commonly known medicine like Midol, Aleve and Ibuprofen. These are anti-inflammatory drugs that block the prostaglandin production to help get rid of cramps. Take the recommended dosage and if the medicines are not working you should talk to your doctor about whether or not it would be safe to increase the dosage, or even take a different approach.

If you prefer to stay away from modern medications, there are also essential oils available that are supposedly meant to help with cramps. These oils can contain anti-inflammatory properties that help soothe cramps. In combination with applying heat, this has been a favorite of mine. The lavender essential oil has been my personal favorite, but many use thyme, chamomile, and ginger to soothe their pain as well.

Another trick you can utilize is changing your diet. Dark chocolate, bananas, kale and avocados are all great for reducing cramps. According to The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, based on a study completed by Obstetrics and Gynecology in February of 2000, increasing your fiber intake as well as reducing your intake of animal fats and vegetable oils can reduce pain and PMS for women.

It is also beneficial to work out for five to 10 minutes before getting ready for class. If you’re not working out because you want to focus on your gains, then do it for your uterus. Doctors say that working out increases blood flow and allows more oxygen to reach the uterus. Yoga is also a great way to relieve back pain and cramps with positions such as child’s pose, reclined bound angle pose and bound angle pose.

Ciara is a freshman at West Virginia University from Minerva, Ohio. She is studying Journalism but is unsure which avenue she'd like to pursue. Ciara enjoys to read, dance, work-out, and swim. She also likes complaining about the stairs she endeavors walking to class. While writing for HerCampus, she hopes to gain valuable experience and friendships that will last her a lifetime. Outside of HerCampus, Ciara also dedicates time writing for the Daily Athenaeum as a news reporter.
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