Domestic Abuse is not Always Physical

There are so many relationships where a partner is affected by domestic abuse. You might not realize because you don’t see bruises, but it is more common than not. A common stereotype that the abuse is only physical. This is far from true. Look out for loved ones and even yourself.


*If your significant other acts in these certain ways, you might be facing emotional abuse. *


If your partner…

- Absolutely NEEDS control of all of your actions

- Criticizes and/or humiliates you constantly

- Lose their temper quickly with just you

- Tries to take you away from family and friends

- Does not respect you

- Has extreme jealousy


*If someone you know showing these signs, they might be affected by emotional abuse. *


If your loved one…

- Has stopped their normal appearance/looks

- Has become less social

- They are attached to their phone while the partner is not around

- Always in a hurry, disinterested in normal routine


Help stop the abuse. Help these people that are asking for help by showing these signs. Here are resources that you can contact if you or someone you know is being affected by domestic abuse.

- National Domestic Abuse Hotline: 1-800- 799-SAFE (7233)

- National Resource Centers of Domestic Violence

- Other centers that are local near you