Disney intern discusses how WVU has impacted her career

Sydney Morgan, a public relations major graduating this December, sat down with us to discuss her upcoming graduation, Disney internship and what she learned during her four years at West Virginia University.


HC: Tell us about yourself- where are you from, what's your major, when are you graduating?

SM: Hey everyone, I’m Sydney! I’m from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and I LOOOVE being a Pittsburgh native. Seriously, ask my friends. It’s almost annoying how much I talk about Pittsburgh.

I’m a strategic communications major with an emphasis in public relations and a minor in fashion merchandising. I’ll be graduating in December 2018-- but let’s not talk about that, it’s a touchy subject. I’m a member of the Pi Beta Phi sorority here on campus have been really involved in that throughout my time at WVU.


HC: Explain your new internship at Disney- what will you be doing, how long will you be there, do you have to be a recent grad, what are you most excited for, etc? 

SM: Since I am graduating a semester early, I wanted to take advantage of that and do something fun but still adding to my résumé before becoming a real adult. So, I decided to do the Disney College Program, which is a super popular and competitive program that you can do while still in school or as a recent grad. Basically, I’ll be working in Disney World doing attractions, while being able to take classes and workshops taught by Disney professionals. I’ve been a Disney fan my entire life so I’m just really excited to live and work at the happiest place on earth for six months.


HC: How did you find out about this internship? Was there anything in particular you did that you believe helped you receive the position? 

SM: Like I said, my family and I have been huge Disney fans for my entire life. I’ve probably been to Disney World close to 20 times, so figuring out a way to work there was something I always thought would be amazing. Especially in this field Disney is like one of the best to work for. As I got older, I noticed people I followed on social media doing the program. And I think I was still in high school when I told myself I wanted to do this and it kind of just fit into my plans perfectly.


HC: How has the Reed College/ extra curriculars prepared you for this position? 

SM: The Reed College has been a great place for me to grow my professional skills, and all the tools and help they offer are extremely useful. My professors are so supportive and are always willing to go the extra mile to help me succeed.

My extra curriculars are really what’s helped me grow as a communicator. My sophomore year I became extremely involved in Ed on Campus, an organization in the Reed College that focuses on the magazine and publishing industry. We even created a publication, Mirage Magazine, which I have been able to be extremely involved with. Getting that hands-on experience is super invaluable and will help you so much in the industry.


HC: What advice do you have for other WVU students interested in this internship? 

SM: I think the biggest one is if you’re going to be doing the program as a collegiate make sure you talk to your advisor to ensure your financial aid and credits will work out. I’ve heard of so many people having to pull out of the program last minute due to things within their university not working out. My other piece of advice would be to not think too much about your application, especially if you make it to the phone interview. The interviewers really want to see your personality shine even through the phone. If you’re too nervous you might not be able to show your personality.


HC: Since you are graduating in December, what is your favorite memory at WVU?

SM: One of my favorite memories is singing Country Roads after a Mountaineer win for the first time. I hate to admit it but the first time I did that was only this football season (I know it’s almost a crime), because I honestly didn’t see the hype of it before. But let me tell you once you do it, it really is a feeling like no other.

Also a memory I’ll always have is the moment we published the first edition of Mirage Magazine. We were walking out the library at 2 a.m., and the feeling of knowing all the arguments and hours spent were worth it was such a proud memory I have.


HC: What do you think students in the Reed College should be involved in during their college career? 

SM: Definitely be involved as much as possible. The Reed College offers so many clubs and organizations that you can be a part of that will truly help you in the future. I’m also a strong advocate for Greek Life. My organization has given me my best friends as well as great opportunities for leadership. I’ve been able to attend amazing conferences and conventions on behalf of Pi Phi and they have been some of my greatest memories of my college career. Also if you can, STUDY ABROAD! The summer after my sophomore year I went to Asia and it was one of the greatest experiences of my life. I was able to grow as a person and realize there is much more out there than just the U.S.


HC: What are your future career goals?

SM: That’s a little unclear for me right now and it’s kind of stressful, but I know I really want to make a difference in whatever I end up doing. At WVU I have really found a passion in higher education and student affairs so I’m thinking about that path. I could also see working for a non-profit or in publishing. Honestly, we’ll just see where the wind takes me.


HC: Anything else you want our readers to know?

SM: Take advantage of all the opportunities you’re presented with during college even if you’re hesitant. Also one that’s super relevant to me right now is that it’s totally okay to not know what you want to do. I feel like this is said but not enough. As someone who is graduating in less than a month and has little idea of what I want to do, trust me it’s scary. But just know to follow your heart and you’ll end up in the right place!

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