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Casey Lucas Discusses What It’s Really Like to Take a Semester Off

Casey Lucas came to West Virginia University last fall and began her college journey as a criminology major. Much like countless other eager students, she found that her program was not what she had hoped for. After taking a step away from school to rethink her path and figure out where to go from here, we sat down with Lucas to discuss how taking a semester away from school impacted her life at home and in her home-away-from-home.


HC: What is your name, grade, major, and hometown?

CL: My name is Casey Lucas and i’m a Sophomore Communications Studies major from Wildwood, NJ

HC: What made you want to come to WVU? What is your favorite thing about WVU so far?

CL: After touring the campus two years ago, I immediately felt like I was home, and the best part is that West Virginia isn’t too close but also not too far from home. What also played a factor in my decision of WVU was that one of my best friends from home had already been at WVU for a year. He made it seem like the perfect place for me (he wasn’t wrong). My favorite thing about WVU so far is definitely how many new friends from different places I’ve met.


HC: What made you want to take a semester off?

CL: My first year, I was in a major that I ended up not liking as much as I thought I would. So, I decided to take a step back and reevaluate on what I really wanted out of my major and what kind of career I would end up doing in the long run.

HC: What did you do during your semester off of school?

CL: During my semester off from school, I stayed in Morgantown and got a job. It really helped on keeping me occupied.

HC: Why do you think taking a semester off is a beneficial/bad idea? Do you regret taking time off?

CL: For someone like me personally, I wish I hadn’t taken the semester off because I do feel like I’m behind on where I actually need to be, but I know it will all workout in the end especially if I try my hardest this semester.

HC: What would be your advice to someone who is considering taking a semester off of school?

CL: My advice to someone who is considering taking a semester off would definitely be to think it through 100 percent, and also decide what you’re going to be doing with all that extra free time you’re going to have.

Christina is a junior at West Virginia University studying journalism and fashion business. Christina is a media intern at WVUToday, where she reports and edits stories daily. She has held editing and directing roles in HC at WVU, and is currently a co-president of the organization. She has been published three times in Mirage Magazine, a branch off of Ed on Campus. Christina is also in charge of the activism teams newly implemented in HC at WVU: VOICES— a student-run podcast exploring current social issues. Woman-Up—bringing awareness to the underrepresentation of women in the media field. The Pad Project—an international non-profit partnership to raise awareness surrounding the lack of education and stigmas around menstruation in developing countries. Upon graduation, Christina would like to work in the PR/Marketing fields of the fashion industry.
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