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Brandon Sard

Meet this weeks Campus Cutie, Brandon Sard!

Hometown: West Hartford, Connecticut

Major: Business Management

How would you describe yourself in three words? The True Gentlemen

I’d rather be: on the lake wakeboarding!!

Favorite place in Morgantown: The Blue lot at the football stadium

My all-time favorite movie is: Miracle

Favorite desert: DQ’s oreo-blizzard

Guilty pleasure: exotic dancing aka “strip clubs”

I’ll never be able to refuse: a warm cigarette on a cold New England night

Last year for Halloween I was: Happy Gilmore

An embarrassing moment for me was: maxed out my credit card and had to make my date pay

It’s Friday night you’ll find me: at the bar with the boys

The best compliment I was given: was for my personality or eyes

I’m pretty cool because: I’m all about planes, trains and automobiles

What is the most romantic gesture you’ve ever done for a girl? Took a significant other on a surprise vacation to Vegas

Celebrity crush: Anna Kendrick

Favorite feature on the other sex’s body: shaped legs&butt

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