Balling On A Budget: Christmas Edition

As most college students know, money is not as easily accessible as it once was. Parents are not so fond of loaning money since adulthood has come and the birds have left the nest. College students also understand that it’s expensive to be in college! Tuition, books, housing, groceries and bills pile up, so once Christmas shopping comes, it seems like all the money's gone and stress is all that is left. Here are a few simple ideas for WVU college students to use when they are on a budget! 


Go to the arts and crafts center

In Towers, there is Santa’s special workshop, a craft center for college students. Your simple tie-dye shirt can be made here, but also scrunchies, earrings, glassware and handmade pottery! All items are inexpensive and the clay pottery is priced by the pound of your pottery. A simple bowl or glass, for example, could be as little as two dollars! This leaves extra cash for small gifts such as candy, gift cards, notes or whatever your person may love. Everything is handmade which will be an even more special gift for your favorite person and they will never have to know how inexpensive it was! 


Target $1-$5 aisle 

This is a perfect area to go to for friends or for secret santa gifts. Currently, there are three dollar mugs, five dollar pillows and seven dollar blankets. Every target is different, but all have some of the cutest things so with some imagination, great gifts can be purchased. For girls, add in face masks and jewelry. For boys, add in socks and a gift card to a fast food restaurant. Everyone will be happy! 


Make something!

There is no pressure as a college student, or anybody for that matter, to go all out. The reason for Christmas is to rejoice in the love of the people around you. Your presence and relationship with others is a wonderful gift on its own. If you do wish to make something, but still stay on a budget try baking! Making a big batch of cookies or brownies and dividing it up between people with cute goodie bags is perfect! Everybody loves sweets and it’s usually inexpensive and fun to make! If baking isn’t a good fit, get a couple of mason jars, which can be found at the Dollar Tree or at Walmart, and put a hot cocoa mix for them to make whenever they want. This is where things can get creative. Chocolate chips and hot cocoa can just be added or add more like marshmallows and peppermint. It is all up to you! Just remember to add a heartfelt note and you are done! 


That’s it folks! Here are some easy gifts that can be inexpensive and not so stressful for everyone. Enjoy and Merry Christmas! 


Edited by Geena Anderson