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Backpack Must Haves

We’ve all been there: you’re in a meeting or class and your stomach is growing loud enough to rival a hungry lion. Or how about desperately needing a hair band to save your bad hair day? We often don’t realize we need something until we really need it. Too many times are we caught wishing that we had an extra hair band or some floss with us. Being prepared doesn’t have to mean taking your entire room with you, but it does mean having the necessities just in case you need them. For that reason, we’ve rounded up the top purse or backpack must-haves for college students:

1) Hand sanitizer: self-explanatory! No one wants to be sick.

2) Tissues: for those stubborn allergies (or the cold you got from not using hand sanitizer).

3) Mini lint roller: lint= not the best look. A mini lint roller helps keep your cloths lint and hair-free.

4) Oil-blotting papers: for the midday shine.

5) Floss: spinach in your teeth= what nightmares are made of.

6) Bandaids: just in case!

7) Pen: you won’t know you need it until you need it.

8) Small notepad: what’s a pen without some paper?

9) Sunglasses: for sunny days or avoiding social contact.

10) Chapstick: a basic purse/ backpack need.

11) Mini perfume roller: a little after-gym must-have.

12) Eye drops/ contact solution: if you wear contacts, you will know why this is a must-have.

13) Concealer: for covering that stubborn blemish or touching up your dark circles.

14) Powder: anti-shine magic.

15) Mini kabuki brush: for the powder (don’t forget to wash frequently!)

16) Mints/ gum: feel better about that sub with onions you had for lunch.

17) Lipstick/ lip gloss: to keep yourself looking lively even on the longest of days.

18) Hair band/ bobby pins: classics.

19) Granola bar: just in case!

20) Pepper spray: a safety item that every college student should invest in.

21) Emergency cash: for a parking meter, cab, or emergency situation when you do not have or can’t use your credit card.

What are your purse/ backpack must-haves? Let us know!

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