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Alternative Spring Break Ideas

Spring break can be expensive and sometime not realistic. These alternatives could just make for just as many memories. Find something that will make you happy for week of free of school work.


1. Go home

Most don’t get to go home every weekend. Sleep in your own bed, eat homemade food and enjoy the little things you miss about home.

2. Work

Use this time to make your bank account increase.

3. Road trip

Go somewhere where you don’t have to fly, drive to a place you have never been to before.

4. Read a books or watch a Netflix show

Use this time to read a book or watch some Netflix shows. 

5. Explore the Unknown of your town

There are probably parts of your town you haven’t been to before. Go and explore. Try something new.

6. Go hiking or on a walk

Spend some time outdoors!

7. Check to see if there are any week-long service trips

Sometimes schools will offer trips that are utilized as service trips. It’s a getway but you get to help people out as well.

8. Go see a professional sports team

Go catch a game before the season ends.

9. Go to a concert

Check out one of the shows in town.

10. Enjoy time with your family and friends

Use this time to spend it with your family and friends. You don’t get to see them every day it’s a good time to catch up with them.

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