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9 Things To Do With You Best Friends That Will Make Memories For A Lifetime

Some may argue that fall is cuffing season but you should always make time for your girls! If you want to make memories to last a lifetime, check out these ten, best out of the box activities you should try with your besties.

1.) Visit An Outdoor Zoo – Fall is the perfect time to be outdoors, especially in Morgantown! Going to the zoo is the perfect way to channel your inner kid. Check out Hovatter’s Zoo in Kingwood, WV, you can even feed the animals (such as the friendly GIRAFFES) treats!

2.) Take A Mini Road Trip – Try taking a mini road trip on the weekend with your girls! Pittsburgh has great shopping, restaurants, and sporting events. It’s super convienient and is only about an hour away from Morgantown. 

Another fun option you could get to in half a days trip is Deep Creek Lake, MD. Deep Creek Lake has breathtaking trails, lakes, and waterfalls making it the perfect destination for the outdoorsy girl.  Even though the water may be chilly who doesn’t want to go for a hike, picnic, and every girls favorite, the photo opp. 

3.) Go To A Football Game – Everyone at WVU loves to watch Mountaineer Football.  Grab your girls, your beer, your Gold and Blue gear, and get over to the stadium for one crazy day!  If you’ve never been to an NFL game the Steeler’s stadium is only an hour and half away, what a great excuse to go stay the night in Pittsburgh and after an awesome day of football and hot dogs. 

Honestly, if you get to go to a WVU game, it’s a great experience but the best part is, you never know what you’re going to see!

4.) Movies – Tons of awesome, new movies are released in the fall making it the perfect time to head to the movie theater with your girls. Who doesn’t love getting extra movie theater butter and maybe your favorite candy? The best part – no boys around to make you feel like your being judged for the extreme about of popcorn you consume before the previews even start.

5.) Hiking – Check out the beautiful fall foliage and channel your inner adventurer while you’re at it! Think a little out of the box for your hiking destination (read: steer clear of Cooper’s Rock); try visiting Tygart Lake State Park or Big Sandy Creek.  

6.) Take A Short Walk To The Local Farmer’s Market – Fall is a great time to go the farmer’s market because there is so much tasty fall produce.  Not only do they have amazing fruits and veggies, but they usually have handmade clothes, freshsqueezed lemonade, and West Virginia’s favorite, the homemade pepperoni rolls.  Jumpstart your Saturday mornings with a trip to the Morgantown Farmer’s Market with your best friends! They’re located on Spruce Street and are open from 8 am until noon!

7.) Baking – Channel your inner iron chef and get your friends together for an afternoon of baking. P.S. you get to eat whatever you make.  Oh, and please don’t forget the wine is a must have essential in the baking night with your girls.

8.) Build a Bonfire – What’s more fall than a bonfire and smores? Stay cozy by the fire and check out Pinterest for some gourmet smores ideas. How about a kit-kat bar instead of hershey’s?

9.) Volunteer Together – Volunteering is a truly rewarding experience and helps to put life in perspective.  The Community Kitchen at Trinity Episcopal Church happily welcomes volunteers to help prepare and serve meals for those in need.

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