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9 Must-Have Products for the Busy College Women

We’ve all been there- some days feel endless. In running from class to meetings, you hardly have time to stop and relax! We’ve rounded up the best products to make your life easier on those crazy days (or any day).

1. Goodwipes 

When founders, Sam and Charlie were at a music festival in the sweltering heat, they were looking for a way to refresh when showering wasn’t an option, so they created goodwipes. These fresh-scented wipes are small and perfect for on-the-go. The wipes are alcohol-free, PH balanced, and will leave you feeling clean on your long days of classes and meetings. For only $8, you can’t pass up this purse/ backpack must-have.


2. Lash-Tinting Mascara

On busy days, makeup is an extra step that just adds to our to-do list. The Volume Colourist Mascara from Rimmel London is the perfect staple for your makeup bag that not only provides length and volume, but tints your lashes at the same time!


3. Dry Shampoo 

Up studying all night and no time to wash your hair? Dry shampoo is a must-have for the busy collegiate. Keep your hair looking clean and not greasy with a few sprays of dry shampoo!


4. Water bottle with Storage Compartment

Neve race out the door without your money and ID again! Keep your ID, credit cards, and money safe on the go with a water bottle that has a storage compartment built in.


5. Personal Blender with Travel Mug 

This personal-sized blender not only makes your favorite smoothies, but provides you with a travel mug for your smoothie as well. Just blend and go!


6. Planner Stickers

These stickers are perfect for getting the most out of your agenda! Use them to organize events, assignments, and other responsibilities clearly and colorfully.


7. Credit Card Holder

This sleek invention will make your life much easier by allowing you to attach a credit card holder to the back of any phone case! Avoid fumbling over too many things to carry with this inexpensive option.  


8. Sketchers Go-Walk 3 

These ultra-light shoes won’t let you down on those days when you are running from class to class. Featuring light, breathable fabric, your feet will thank you for this purchase.


9. Hairband Bracelet 

We’ve all been there: it’s raining and your hair can’t be rescued so you reach for a hairband and realize you don’t have one. This super cute bracelet doubles as a hairband holder so you are never left empty-handed.  


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