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9 Fashion And Style Accounts You Need To Follow On Instagram

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at WVU chapter.

Fashion is all about the way a garment looks and drapes over a form. Just reading about a garment in an article, over twitter, or in a book or magazine does not paint a good enough picture in your mind. However, as students we may not have enough time in our busy schedule to see an outfit in person at the mall, or have the time to constantly surf the web looking for new images with the latest trends. Luckily with the advancements in social media, Instagram can be the perfect tool that can give you immediate images of current fashion and outfits by just simply refreshing your feed. Here is a list of some of the best fashion and style Instagram accounts that constantly update their accounts with cute images to style your wardrobe!  



ASOS online retailer has the best instagram account to follow with the latest trends and fashion with tips on how to style your wardrobe! Need help finding fashion and don’t know where to start? No problem! Just follow their ASOS Fashion Finder account where you can create, share, and shop the latest trends with a little help from their fans too! Want the behind the scenes action, then follow their ASOS Studio account too!




2. Tobi

Most of us are familiar with Tobi and love every chance we get to shop their 50% off sales, but not only are their clothes cute and their deals amazing but their Instagram is just as amazing. They provide multiple posts a day on their account and show outfits being worn by models or shown as separates. They are always providing great posts on how to create an outfit from head to toe!


3. Open Closet

Open Closet is a huge fashion instagram account that promotes their online store, and gives helpful hints for fashionable styles. They focus on all areas of the garment and also find a unique way to take their photos. You can count on them to do multiple posts in a day!


4. Fashioned Dolls

I came across this account previously and really enjoyed the way they focused on miniscule things such as nails matching all accessories and outfits, and your eye makeup matching your shoes. The eccentric and colorful instagram posts they make really show great ways to color cordinate outfits in a cute and fun way!


5. Fashion Destination

Another account I had come across previously that I really loved and found to be very inspirational. Their account touches on every part of fashion. They find cute ways to post a plethora of bathing suit tops, bracelets, shorts etc. and create outfits from really cute pieces. They even create outfits from different stores and boutiques and link their accounts to the picture so you can shop straight from that account!


6. Little Miss Bradshaw

This unique account posts pictures of everyday people wearing cute clothes, to promoting a cute outfit worn by models, to posting cute inspirational quotes. It gives you a little bit of everything.


7. Michael Kors

Always one of my favorite accounts to follow on every social media site, Michael Kors displays fashion in such an immaculate way. It is always presented in a crisp way with pops of color, originality, and poise. He instagrams photos of his accessories, handbags, jewelry, and clothing. A great account to get inspiration for every seasonal trend!


8. Jeffrey Campbell

The shoes where dreams are made of, Jeffrey Campbell’s instagram provides the cutest ways to wear his crazy beautiful shoes. It could be just a post of the shoes alone, or a whole outfit styled around the shoes and it will still be a great instagram.


9. Park & Madison

A boutique whose flagship store is in Morgantown, WV and where most of our fashionistas at WVU are aware of, this boutique does a great job in presenting their fashions available at their store. Modeled by different females or on mannequins, the posts always show how the garment will drape on a form perfectly!




Fashion Merchandising major with a minor in Business Administration Senior at West Virginia University From Pittsburgh PA