The 8 Best Date Spots For WVU Students


Living in a college town, it can be difficult to find a special place to spend time with your significant other. Whether it’s your first or fiftieth date, Morgantown has the best hidden places for you to make the memories. There’s more to Morgantown than the scene you see on High Street at 2 a.m., when Joe’s and Casa are where you end up. For all you love birds out there, here are the eight best date spots in Morgantown.

1.    Cooper’s Rock State Park

Nothing screams romantic like a long drive down a back road with nothing but you and the peaceful woods. The back road leads to Cooper’s Rock State Park, a popular scenic view in Morgantown. The ride is about ten minutes down i-68, but once you reach the overlook it is well worth it. The state park includes a fenced overlook of the Morgantown regional area where you can see for miles. In the fall, the trees are painted different shades of red and the clouds hang low over the horizon. This date would be perfect to get out of downtown and spend some alone time with your lover and nature. When the sun is setting and their arm is around your waist, you won’t regret this short little trip.

2.     Sunday Coffee at Blue Moose Café

You sleep in and wake up next to your significant other. Don’t say a word until you’ve both had your morning coffee. A nice little stroll on Spruce Street leads you to the corner coffee shop, Blue Moose Café. Blue Moose offers a selection of daily special drip coffee, a variety of lattes and teas, and a brunch menu. Let your Sunday routine include bagels, lattes in homemade mugs, and people watching out the window. This date would be best for talking through that Saturday night and laughing at the memories, or for simply just getting to know each other if the relationship is new. You never know what you’ll talk about in a coffee shop, but there’s something comforting about snuggling up with a latte and someone you care about.

3.     Sunset at the Blaney House

One of Evansdale campus’s best kept secrets is the view from the President of the university’s house. The Blaney House is located back behind the WV water tower near Allen and Percival Halls. You can enjoy the nice walk up to the spot and post up on one of the two benches provided in the front yard. The overlook is a view of the downtown campus and my god, it is a beautiful sight. If you catch the view at sunset, you can see Woodburn lighting up the downtown campus. Even if you aren’t a WVU student, it’s hard to deny the beauty in this view. The Blaney House is a good spot to go to if you’re hitting a bumpy spot in the relationship, just to relax and recollect thoughts. Or even a good spot to go to just because!

4.     Catch a concert at 123 Pleasant Street

The concert venue 123 is always hosting shows on Friday and Saturday nights, whether it be a Morgantown local band or a big-name performer. Tickets are fairly cheap and the performances are usually really good. It may be fun to spice things up and spontaneously catch a concert on a Friday night. From experience, I saw the Hillbilly Gypsies and square danced with a past boyfriend throughout the show. It was fun to loosen up and enjoy something you normally wouldn’t go to. There is a bar and restaurant attached to the venue if you find yourself needing drink and some mozzarella sticks. Rock out and let loose.

5.     Friday evening at Black Bear Burritos

A Morgantown classic restaurant is Black Bear Burritos. There are two locations, one downtown and one on Evansdale campus. The atmosphere at Black Bear on a Friday evening is perfect for a date night. Live music and bottles clinking ring in your ears. Plus, the food is fantastic. The unique cuisine is a hybrid of all different types of food put in a burrito, wrap, or salad. The energetic, lively atmosphere would lighten the mood and make it impossible for a bad date to occur. You’ll be too busy eating queso and loving life.

6.     Evening with the stars at Dorsey’s Knob

Yet another nature trip, but well worth it. Morgantown is known for its breathtaking views and nature features. Dorsey’s Knob Park is just outside of Downtown Morgantown, but it is far enough from the hustle and bustle of the city. The park includes Sky Rock, providing a picturesque view of Morgantown from a different perspective. If you’re a rule breaker, you can sneak up to this spot after dark and you will not miss a single star in the sky. This romantic date will be unforgettable as it brings you and your partner closer.

7.     Candlelight dinner outside Oliverios

Oliverios is a classic Italian restaurant here in Morgantown, known for its high class meals and romantic setting. If you’re feeling fancy, take a trip to Oliverios and dine outdoors. You can have a candlelit dinner under the stars, with nothing but Italian fine dining and your love in front of you. After dinner, take a stroll down the Rail Trail along the Monongahela River. Dress for the night and treat your partner like royalty. Everyone deserves a nice night out, especially on a college budget.

8.     Brunch at Morgan’s High Street Diner

Take a trip back in time and enjoy brunch at Morgan’s High Street Diner. This diner is the perfect spot for a laid back date, taking you back in time to the 1960’s. Photographs cover the walls of Morgantown back in time, capturing infamous Sunnyside and couch burning. Share a banana split or enjoy the brunch menu as you reminisce. This spot is perfect for a date to end the week in a relaxing way.

Morgantown is filled with date spots, you just have to find them. But most importantly, make sure you enjoy your time with your person and make precious memories. No matter where you are, it shouldn’t matter because you are together.