7 Ways To Make The Best Of Colder Weather

It’s that time of year again, ladies and gents. Winter is sweeping into Morgantown with full force. The first day of the spring semester was spent battling snow in order to see ahead of you. Break out the Timberlands and duck boots. It’s going to be a brutal one.

Besides dry skin, painful temperatures and bad hair days, the snow can certainly have its perks. Cold weather is obviously expected in a place like Morgantown, so why not make the most of the cards dealt to you? Here are the seven top ways to make the most of this bitter winter season.

1. The cold weather is an excuse for Netflix and chill. (Pun intended.)

There is no better idea than to cuddle up in bed (with or without a cuddle buddy) and binge watch your favorite Netflix classic. The dropping temperatures will increase your craving for a hot chocolate and your bed, so why not just never leave bed? Some days, you just can’t adult. And that’s okay. Watch an episode of Grey’s Anatomy for me.

2. Layer up, girlfriend.

The brutal winds lead to outfits that surely make a statement. You know that vest you’ve been eagerly waiting to wear? Now’s your chance to break it out. Cold weather can be a pain, but if you layer up and put together chic outfit combinations, you’ll be putting all of the people in their sweats to shame. The world is your runway.

3. Hot drinks are a necessity.

Coffee, tea, or hot chocolate… you name it. The dropping temps make for the best hot drink weather. Buy yourself a medium chai tea latte and drink it on your way to class. Hot beverages are tasty, warm you up fast and can add a little bit of sunshine to your day. Also, caffeine does wonders. Especially when you’re wishing you were back in your warm bed.

4. Do fun winter activities!

Now is your chance to go ice-skating up in Pittsburgh. Now, it’s cold enough for you to go snowboarding or skiing at Wisp ski resort. Or, you can even put on your snow pants and go sledding down Law School hill. I’ve done it before and I have absolutely no regrets. If you get the chance to have a little fun in the snow, take the chance. College is the last time you’ll be able to act like a kid again and it be accepted by your peers.

5. Admire how campus becomes a winter wonderland.

West Virginia University is already “Almost Heaven.” But, when you add snow in the mix the campus is jaw dropping. Woodburn looks like it came straight out of a film. The snow may be cold, but the views around campus are truly works of art.

6. Realize that sick days are a blessing.

In winter, sick days are a little more common. Also, they’re widely accepted. Being sick in this season is the absolute worst, but being able to relax and take a break from reality for a day is priceless. Usually professors understand more in the winter months than in the fall because the dropping temperatures take a toll on everyone. But, if your professor only allots you a certain number of sick days, use them wisely.

7. Sleep like there’s no tomorrow.

When the weather is a bit frightful, it seems that your body knows to sleep more than ever before. You know how cold it is outside and your bed is definitely a safe haven from that discomfort. Sleeping becomes a lot more appreciated in the winter months as the skies become darker, the days become shorter and the temperatures make you become irritable. Getting enough sleep is a necessity, but sleeping while snow is coming down is a lot more satisfying than normal.

Grab a hot chocolate and cuddle up. Wear your cute beanie you bought from American Eagle last season. Don’t even question wearing legging… that’s why you have seven pairs! Lastly, scarves will be your best friends. Use the winter months to unwind and relax. If you make time for this each day, your winter days will be bright.

Winter doesn’t have to be that bad. Make the best of the cold temperatures and it will be sunny and 75 before we know it. Now, get back to your binge watching.