7 Things Only Upperclassmen Understand at WVU

The seniors and juniors at West Virginia University have seen the good, the bad and the ugly. Over the past four years, the university has undergone some changes that upperclassmen will never forget. Take a ride down memory lane as we reminisce on the old WVU we all know and love.


1. When Sunnyside was still Sunnyside.

After extreme construction, the area known as Sunnyside is no longer the way we remember it. The construction started when we first entered WVU, but we heard and even experienced the excitement of nightlife in Sunnyside. From endless house parties to houses that were barely standing, Sunnyside will forever live in our hearts. I still really don’t like you, UPlace.


2. When Annex was named Cellar.

When underclassmen started calling it “Annex,” we knew it was time for us to move on. Cellar made more sense because of the way “Cellar sludge” rolls off the tongue. If you don’t know what the Cellar sludge is, then you’re too young to be reading this article.


3. When the MountainLair was the only student union.

Basically, when Evansdale was irrelevant. The MountainLair can feel a bit repetitive sometimes, but we can’t doubt the fact that it is the OG student union. Once The Crossing came along, Evansdale became great again. It’s a blessing and curse, I suppose.


4. When WVU Football was unstoppable.

WVU Football may not be #1 in the ranks lately, but in the past they were incredible. We remember watching Stedman Bailey and Geno Smith on the television the year before we came to school, then watching legends like Kevin White in the flesh at Milan Puskar. These are names many underclassmen don’t even know, which hurts my heart a bit.


5. When Tudor’s Biscuit World was located downtown.

Tudor’s is basically selling heart attacks on biscuits in the best of ways. If you haven’t been blessed by the food at Tudor’s, I feel sorry for you. Tudor’s used to be on High Street, within walking distance to the university. Now, Tudor’s only location in Morgantown is on Evansdale. Let’s have a moment of silence.


6. When Fall Fest was the best event of the year.

It still is cool, of course, but the welcome week concert seems to be on its way out. Fall Fest originally became a tradition due to the hysteria surrounding the events that occurred at block parties in the early 2000s. The free concert was the university’s way of providing somewhere for students to go instead of participating in partying. But instead, we combined both and made an entire party out of it on Frat Row. As the years go on, the line up gets worse and the location change to Evansdale has influenced the whole feel of the festival. The future of Fall Fest is a mystery, but the memories were priceless


7. When the Sunnyside Suprette was alive and running.

Even if you didn’t shop here, the history of the Suprette was something awesome you couldn't deny. If you look back on old photos, you can see the Sunnyside Suprette in all of them as a staple to the Sunnyside party culture. For youngins who don’t know, it was a locally owned convenience store that was ran out of business due to the opening of Sheetz. Sheetz is great, but the Suprette will forever be missed.


Long live the memories of WVU. Things change, times change and people change. Eventually, you’ll be telling underclassmen about how great the university was before they arrived. But until then, we miss the old WVU the most.