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7 Things That All Dog Lovers Understand

1. Furry hugs

Dogs have a way of sensing when their human needs emotional supporters, and our fur babies always give the best hugs.

2. The head tilt happens

When puppies are trying to understand something and they pull this move, your heart just goes “awww.”

3. The Puppy Bowl

Every football season you turn on the TV to watch the cutest players of all time and wonder the qualifications for being a referee.

4. The football season commercials 

Your all time favorite commercials are the Budweiser ones with the adorable puppy.

5. The happiness of a new litter

Seeing the squirmy, furry little nuggets of new life is enough to make anyones day better.

6. Going to the pet store

You automatically want to buy your dog everything in the store to make him/her the coolest dog ever.

7. Facetiming your dog

Every time you call your family, you make them put your dog on the phone too.

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