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7 Themes to Make Over Your Instagram

The new season is approaching, so prepare yourself by changing your Instagram’s theme!  It may seem daunting at first, but with a little bit of time and dedication, you can have the Insta you’ve always wanted.  An aesthetically pleasing Instagram is very popular right now.  Before you can accomplish that, you have to find the perfect theme for your account. These themes were all created with the downloadable app, VSCO.  VSCO is a free app that includes a camera, editing tools, and allows for photo sharing   However, any photo-editing app would work.  The amount of editing you do on the photo is really up to you!  These seven themes will help you give your insta the makeover it deserves.

Here are different examples of themes, how to create them, and an account to serve as your inspiration.

1. “Cool Blue”

If majority of your photos have a blue or green tone, this is the theme for you!  Keep this in mind for summer to show off all of your adventures.

Insta to follow: @noel.alva


2. “Bright White”


Themes similar to this are becoming more and more popular.  The white-based photos will be sure to stand out among the rest of your followers’ timelines.  Exposure is key.  If you use this theme, your account will look very clean and put together.

Insta to follow: @meghanrienks


3.  “Everything Edgy”

If grunge is your style, then you’ve found your perfect match!  This edgy looks draw attention to dark colors while still featuring similar bright ones, such as light green or pink.  Bring out your dark side and entertain this theme.

Insta to follow: @glovv


4.  “Autumn Orange”

Everything is slowly being taken over by the PSL, so why not Instagram also?  Whether your photos star you and your besties or your morning coffee, the burned orange and faded browns make this the perfect addition to your fall style. 

Insta to follow: @larisa_shorina


5. “Pretty Pink”


This theme is also white-based, however it is used to create a “blank” backdrop and is perfect for those of you who showcase clothes or makeup on your account.  The key to this theme is to ensure the colors you use look good together, such as light pinks and purples.

Insta to follow: @hildee


6. “Sweater Weather”

Cold weather is approaching fast and this theme looks as cozy as your favorite sweater.  If your photos are normally dark and full of blacks and browns, then this theme will be the best for your account.

Insta to follow: @janske


7.  “Totally Tan”

This theme is perfect for showing off your selfies, wardrobe, or makeup choices.  To make the theme look its best, take your photos in bright lighting.  This theme is perfect for any season because tans and browns never go out of style!

Insta to follow: @ohmygeee


Hopefully these ideas will help you “fall” in love with your Instagram.

Kristen completed her undergraduate degree in journalism at West Virginia University in May 2019. She is currently pursuing her master's degree in the Integrated Marketing Communications program at WVU. During undergrad, she was the managing editor of Her Campus at WVU and editor-in-chief of Mirage Magazine in the 2018-2019 year. Kristen is currently the student editor at 100 Days in Appalachia and a freelance writer for West Virginia-based publications. Previously, she has served as the communications and marketing intern for the WVU Eberly College of Arts and Sciences, a writing and editing intern for New South Media and a photographer for the Daily Athenaeum. She is an avid fan of alt-rock, photography and advocating for women's equality and the prevalence of solutions journalism. Kristen hopes to one day report on internet culture and technology. 
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