7 Reasons You Should Date A Journalist

Journalists are flies on the wall. We observe everything and anything. We write and document. We see life through a lens, with a pen in our hand. Being close to a journalist can be intimidating. You know they write about their experiences and document their lives. But, one day you could be what they’re writing about. That itself sounds terrifying, but I promise you there’s more than meets the eye.

1. You know your moments together are genuine.

Journalists write about things in their lives that have a great influence on them. In order to spend time writing or documenting a piece, a journalist usually has some bit of interest in the topic he or she is writing about. You are telling a story as a journalist, so if your journalist significant other writes about you, you know it’s real.

2. You always have photos to look back on.

Journalists may not always encompass photography skills or even genuinely enjoy photography, but overall it falls within the lines of what journalists do: document. For those journalists who do have interest in photography, you’re in luck! You would never have to worry about not having memories to look back on, because they will always be at the touch of your fingertips.

3. They are open communicators.

Journalists will let you know what is going on. They develop skills needed to communicate with all types of people in order to develop the best story possible. This skill is necessary in a relationship. A relationship would be nothing without communication. For journalists, this comes second nature.

4. They will edit your papers.

The perks of dating someone who edits like it’s their job (literally) is that they can help you out in more ways than one. Journalists have a specific set of eyes when it comes to writing. Every comma, every period, every grammatical error sticks out like a sore thumb. Your heart may be happy, but your grades will be happy too.

5. They are involved in the community.

Journalists know people. Not because they avidly seek to be social, but because they talk to a variety of people every day for every task at hand. Journalists serve to tell the community’s story. They relay information from the source to the people. This is truly admirable as you see them in action.

6. They are incredibly driven.

Journalists get their work done by a deadline, always. No excuses. No horseplay. The 24-hour news cycle creates a constant need for stories to be published and released to the public on time. Journalists are consistently working to finish their story and thinking of their next steps. Their driven attitude is attractive and something that is certainly hard to come by.

7. They do not mess around.

A journalist’s job is to find the truth and nothing but the truth. When you report news to the public, the news being reported must be cold, hard facts. A journalist does not dance around something if they do not know for a fact that it is the truth. This is the best quality of all. A relationship should be pure, true feelings that are just as true as the facts in the morning news.

Although I may be biased, journalists are great companions to share life with. Don’t let their work intimidate you. You never know until you try.