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7 Reasons To Look Forward To Thanksgiving Break


Midterms are over and classes are at it full-force to finish out the remainder of the semester.  We’ve experienced fall break and Halloween; right now, we are all ready for Thanksgiving break, which honestly, will be here before we know it.  To help get you through these next couple of weeks, here are some reasons to look forward to Thanksgiving break.

1. No class = RELAXATION

This is obvious.  Thanksgiving break is the perfect time to literally sit on the couch and do absolutely nothing school related (unless you have a professor who likes to assign work over break…not fair).  Try to give your anxiety and stress a rest.

2. Delicious home-cooked meals

One of my favorite reasons, actually THEE favorite.  Lets face it, none of us are as good of cooks as our parents.  We’ve basically been living on Ramen and popcorn for the past 3 months.  Consider this week the time to eat as much good food as you can to make up for your poor choices.

3. Sleeping-in

Nothing is more exciting than not having to set your morning alarm.   No responsibilities mean the most perfect sleep you can imagine.  Here’s to waking up comfortably and rested on our own internal clocks.

4. Family time

With Thanksgiving break comes Thanksgiving Day of course.  Nothing beats spending quality time with the ones who love you the most.  Wake up and watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, help mom do some cooking and hug your grandparents tight.  Nothing is as good of a stress-reliever than time with the fam.

5. Black Friday shopping

Only the best Friday of the year.  Girls, this is our destined holiday.  Shopping all night and all day.  Black Friday gives us poor college students prices that we can actually afford.  Go crazy, have fun!

6. Hanging out with old friends.

Of course you have to visit your oldest besties while you’re home.  Nothing beats catching up with each other after not seeing them for months.  It’s time to reminisce on the old times when you were a little less mature and goofy.

7. A chance to mentally prepare for finals

We all know as Thanksgiving break ends, it’s time for finals.  Luckily, we have this time to mentally and physically (lots of sleep) to prepare.  This break will whip you into shape and get ready to make finals your B word.

So, don’t get discouraged as we face these next couple of weeks.  We have so much to look forward to!

Kaitlyn is a senior print journalism major at West Virginia University with a minor in music performance.  She enjoys writing, playing music, being outdoors and binge watching Netflix.
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