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6 Reasons Long Distance Doesn’t Work Out, and Why It’s Okay

Anyone thats in a relationship as graduation and the future lies ahead has to ask their significant other if long distance is worth it, and according to statisticbrain.com, 32.5% of college students are in a long distance relationship, so odds are everyone knows someone who is in one. Don’t get me wrong, long distance relationships can be extremely rewarding and positive, but sometimes they just don’t end up working out and it isn’t your fault. 


1. Sometimes people just need physical attention

Being in a long distance relationship can take a toll on you physically, as well as emotionally. It’s college, and with the hookup culture we live in now, sometimes being away from your significant other all the time is frustrating, especially when you see people around you all over each other.

2. Lack of trust

When you’re not with someone everyday, you rely on social media and texting a lot to communicate. Doubt can sneak in when if they don’t reply for hours and you can become frustrated with the person and the feeling of being crazy for your S/O can become replaced with broken trust. 

3. You’re simply going different places in life

If you’re S/O is older than you, younger than you, or just on a complete different career path than yourself, theres a chance that the long distance isn’t going to work. Even if they support you and you support them, being in different places in life is strenuous on any relationship.


4. The timing is wrong

Along with being on different paths, timing can take a huge toll on a long distance relationship. You and your S/O could have been perfect in high school, but as soon as you hit college you’re just off. You might still love each other, and it would work if you both were still in high school, but if the timing is off then the entire relationship is strained. 


5. You aren’t the same people anymore

It’s not secret that being out of high school causes people to change. Every single experience people go through shapes who they are, and if you’re not experiencing things with your S/O you might grow apart instead of together.

6. You have to focus on yourself

Self growth is crucial for a happy life, and sometimes you feel that your S/O is holding you back from bettering yourself in fear that you’ll grow away from them. ALWAYS put yourself and your health and happiness before someone else.

Even though breakups suck, it’s not the end of the world. Focus on yourself and make yourself happy, and even always point your sights to the future rather than dwell on the past. So ring our your inner Beyonce and enjoy being a single lady. 

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