6 Problems All WVU Students Have Experienced

There is no college town that receives the love and praise like Morgantown does from WVU students. Morgantown hosts the wildest parties and displays the most beautiful sunsets, yet even in paradise there can be problems. Here is a list of everyday problems that students at WVU face.

1. Public Transportation

The PRT is sold to incoming freshman as the knight in shining armor for travel, when in reality it is as reliable as your partners in group projects. It also isn't there for you on late nights or on Sunday. If you do need a ride home late night, what is better than calling the one cab company in Morgantown, then to be told there will be a 40 minute wait and quickly hung up on? #BringUbertoMorgantown

2. Potholes

If you realized public transportation isn't for you, why not bring your car? All you will be sacrificing is the build and structure of your ride, because we all know after one snow storm the potholes will begin their reign of terror on automobiles. I was once told that the potholes in Morgantown lead to Narnia, it has yet to be confirmed. 

3. Parking

Public transportation has let you down, your car is barely in one piece, and now you can't find a place to park it.  Parking spots in Morgantown are more scarce than Willy Wonka's Golden Ticket. And much like that Golden Ticket, once you get a spot hold on to it dearly, or until you get towed.

4. Breakfast Spots

Speaking of scarce, the lack of breakfast options in Morgantown is not only shocking, but also disgraceful. How can you do that to the most important (and tasty) meal of the day? One diner and an IHOP isn't enough. I'm not a complete breakfast guru, but I know my classmates from New York/ New Jersey are hurting.

5. Hills, Hills, Hills

Walking the hills in Morgantown causes a girl to bitch and complain more than the characters on The Hills did. It leads to sweaty foreheads, ruined shoes, and a disheartening feeling that you won't make it far enough to see the top. 

6. Condemned housing

We have all been there and we do not judge each other, but you know it is bad when the house with a carpeted kitchen and wood paneling walls is considered nice. If our 15 year-old-selves would see we are in a house that looks condemned rather than the beach side condo we imagined, we may be disappointed in our college lives.