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5 Ways How I Killed My Staycation Spring Break

I finished another T.V. Series

I used my spring break to not move from my bed for a few days. Not only did I get the much- needed sleep that I don’t get the chance to get at school but I was able to watch House of Cards from start to end and even got to catch up on Greys Anatomy and Scandal.



I got to check out the National Museum of African American History and Culture

One perk of living right outside D.C. is having the Smithsonian so close to me. While the museum opened a little over a year ago, it was nearly impossible to get tickets over the summer. I highly recommend waking up at the crack of down to get tickets for this one, it is by far my favorite of the museums in D.C.



I took a day trip to NYC

The REAL purpose of me going up for the day was to interview for an internship, but I ended up spending most of the day trying all the trendy restaurants in Lower Manhattan. In all the times I’ve gone to the city, I have never really gotten the chance to explore that area so it was pretty cool for me.



I got to celebrate my dad’s birthday with him

I’m normally not home for my family’s birthdays since I go to school pretty far from home, so getting to be home for his 60th birthday was special.



I got a whole week of home cooked meals

One thing that sucks about college is you rarely get to eat a freshly cooked meal. I got seven whole days of them this past week. Hands down that was probably the highlight of my entire break.

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