5 Types of Shoppers You Will Run Into On Black Friday

1. The ones that have camped out overnight


These shoppers are super hardcore and sacrificed a good night’s sleep for the front spot in line. They probably have a slight scent of BO and crazy eyes from staying up all night outside.  If you are eyeing the same thing as them in the store they will probably feel entitled to it since they were there first and proceed to play tug-of-war with you. Beware of this type of shopper.




2. The Black Friday professionals


This type of shopper can be found with their stacks of neatly organized and stacked coupons. They have probably done their research on every deal that each store has to offer, and is definitely asking the store employees about the special deal that they saw in their magazine.




3. The newbies    


These light-hearted shoppers are going on their first-ever Black Friday experience, and they are in for a ride after encountering each type of shopper.  You can find them shuffling on the outskirts of the store trying to avoid the crowds. They enter the store will a easygoing smile, and leave the store with a face of fright.




4. The teen groupies


These young shoppers will most likely be found travelling as a group in your local mall holding Starbucks lattes. Purchasing only makeup and clothes, these teens will be strolling alongside the newbies.




5. The shoppers that take this too seriously


You will definitely run into a person like this on Black Friday. This shopper will have a neatly organized and detailed list of every item they need. They don’t think of Black Friday as a “fun time”, they think of it as a sport. This kind of person will also be the one calling people out when they cut in line. Steer clear of this type.