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5 Tricks to Saving Money on Makeup

I am not, nor will I ever be the best at doing makeup, but I do know some tricks on how to repurpose and save money on makeup. In college it is essential to save money, but you can also look good while saving up with these tricks!


1. Try the makeup before you actually spend the money. There are tons of makeup stores where you can go in and swatch the products on your skin to see how it blends or how it actually looks on you before making the decision to buy the product.


2. Get as many free samples from the beautiful people at Sephora as you can! As long as you actually seem interested in the product and in making some purchase at the store, associates are usually very willing to let you take a sample home and test it out yourself. I once got to sample a silver face mask that was almost $25 a jar and the sample size I was given was at least half the size of the actual jar! If you’re not sure the product you’re looking for can be sampled, just ask!


3. Buy quality. Good, sturdy makeup brushes for a little more money are always worth it instead of buying cheap brushes that soak up your product and don’t last long.


4. Get dual-purpose products. I bought the Too Faced Cocoa Contour kit and I love to use it not only for a powdered contour look, but it doubles as a great eye shadow palette. The lighter shades are perfect for the lid and corner of the eye and the darker shades for the actual contouring are great for the lash line or crease of the eyelid.


5. Buy online! If you make your purchases online for the products that you know you love and need, use places like Sephora, Ulta or Beauty.com will give you free samples and some are even samples of your choice!

Junior journalism, fashion and strategic social media student at West Virginia University.
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