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5 things that make a Morgantown Halloween the best

Trick-or-treating may be a thing of the past but that doesn’t mean that Halloween weekend isn’t fun. Morgantown is one of the best places to spend the spooky holiday. 


Hayrides- When Halloween season rolls around so does the inevitable excitement for hayrides. Even for someone who lacks any type of bravery will still enjoy the haunted house, sitting around the fire, and taking countless pictures in your cute fall outfit. It is an event that everyone should experience at least once due to the countless memories you are bound to make with friends.


College GameDay – Halloween weekend rocks to begin with, but this year we get an extra treat. ESPN’s “College GameDay” will be broadcasted from the Mountainlair Green before our game against TCU. After the events after our last home game, it is extremely important that we put our best foot forward and show the country that we know how to have fun without getting out of hand. Show ESPN what it’s really Let’s go Mountaineers! 

Parties Galore– It is quite known that WVU certainly knows how to have a fun time. Naturally, Halloween is no exception. One will have no trouble finding something to do when there are house parties nearly everywhere and date parties as well. The streets will be lined with every costume imaginable, and it is certainly exciting to see people’s creativity at work.

People Watching – Few things are more entertaining than seeing a disheveled slutty butterfly hobbling down the street. The day after Halloween is the prime time for people watching. Costumes, face makeup and hangovers are not a good combination, unless it’s not you.

When it’s Over– There are some out there who find that Halloween is not for them. Costume finding can be stressful, it is far too chilly to wear a cute costume, and the long weekend can be exhausting. While that is all true, I think everyone can agree that the best thing to do is just put on a pair of ears and join the fun. Halloween only comes once a year, so it is best to have a blast and create amazing memories that you may or may not remember. 

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