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5 Reasons Why I Buy Vintage Clothes

Like most Collegiettes, I love being able to treat myself when I have a little extra spending money. When it comes to scoring the best duds and décor, vintage shops have more to offer than commercial shopping malls do. I discovered that thrifting provides me with endless possibilities; while many finds are awesome on their own, I can revamp, refurbish and repurpose others. This festival season—whether or not I will actually be attending any outdoor music festivals—

I chose to indulge in a few meaningful vintage pieces instead of the latest mall fads.

I always find unique, even one-of-a-kind, pieces: To put it plainly, showing up to class, work or a social scene in something unique feels totally badass. Vintage clothes tend to have that impossibly cool je ne se quoi, so I can always count on my favorite thrift store finds to give my confidence the extra boost it needs—no matter the occasion.

I always find more than just clothes: In addition to bags, belts, shoes and jewelry, many vintage shops sell vinyl, décor and furniture. Thrifting never fails to give me the opportunity to pick up the perfect finishing touch to my outfit or apartment, or the perfect gift for a friend or family member.

It is a ton of fun: Shopping can be somewhat of a chore; after a couple hours, it becomes super boring or even frustrating. Thrifting is different. Vintage shops stock tons of hidden gems, so each trip feels more like a treasure hunt rather than a mindless errand. Because no two thrifting experiences are exactly the same, they never lose their excitement.  

It is ethical and environmentally friendly: Shopping secondhand helps to reduce waste, pollution and cruelty to animals (when I buy leather or suede), as well as the exploitation of sweatshop laborers, especially those in developing countries.

I will have my finds forever: Truthfully, clothing isn’t made as nicely as it once was. Nothing beats the quality or fit of genuine leather, suede and denim from vintage shops—even cotton t-shirts are constructed with more care. Not to mention, thrift stores are full of timeless pieces; while they may be from another era, they will always be in style.

Madalyn is a journalism graduate student at West Virginia University. In 2016 she graduated with a B.S. in journalism from WVU. She also completed a minor in Spanish language, literature and linguistics. When she is not studying or working, Madalyn enjoys reading, exercising (especially running, hiking and cycling), playing with her dogs, art and fashion. 
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