5 Easy Beauty Looks For Your Halloween Costume

If you’re having trouble finding a Halloween costume this year, don’t worry. Doing your makeup through a few simple steps can help build your costume right at home. Here are five easy-to-do beauty looks with few products involved.



8 Halloween Makeup Looks You Need To Try


What you’ll need: Orange Blush, light orange eyeshadow, eyeliner, lashes

This classic look can be created by anyone, whether you’re a beginner or a pro. Simply add cream blush or eyeshadow to your nose and cheeks, then use black eyeliner to create stitches to add to your nose and smile lines. Finally, add lashes, throw on a flannel, put on a hat and you’re ready to go!




What you’ll need: Black eyeliner, white eyeliner, bronzer, light brown eyeshadow

This is a Bambi-inspired look. Draw your eyeliner down toward your inner corner. Create the nose and spots by using the liner in a circular motion, adding bronzer to your cheeks and nose, then put on antlers and a brown top. 



23 Trendy Clown Makeup Ideas for Halloween 2018 | StayGlam


What you’ll need: Dipbrow, red lipstick, Halloween makeup kit, a mix of light and dark brown eyeshadows

This Halloween look is trending this season thanks to the movie It Chapter 2 that came out earlier this fall. James Charles also created a more advanced version of this makeup look, but this is an easier version. Use your dipbrow or brow pencil to create sharper and darker eyebrows. Then, use Halloween makeup or red eyeliner to create the red nose and to draw the smile lines. Finally, finish it off with a bloody red lip to scare your friends.

Pennywise (Advanced Version)


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Halloween Makeup Ideas


What you’ll need: Light and dark purple eyeshadows, dark purple lipstick, Halloween makeup, green wig, green eye glitter, glitter primer

Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice! This makeup look is easier to create than it looks. Use different purple eyeshadows to blend in. Add purple sparkle into your crease and green sparkle on your inner corner. Use green glitter with glitter primer to make your eyes shine even more. Be sure to add a dark lip, then top it all off with green Halloween makeup using a sponge by lightly dabbing onto the skin. This makes it appear grimy and green like Beetlejuice.

Chucky from Child’s Play


The scary character is also a good choice for Halloween.Thank @creative.cliche for bringing us so  awesome make up . #chucky #Child'sPlay #cosplay #halloween


What you’ll need: Red and black eyeliner, peach eyeshadow, lashes, nude lip, red wig, striped shirt.


Create this spooky season look by drawing the Chucky scars with two different eyeliners across the face and add a light peach eyeshadow above and below the eye. Put on lashes and create a nude lip if you’d like. Then add a red wig and a striped shirt, and you’ll be the scariest and cutest in the room.

If you don’t have the makeup items listed, you can easily get them from makeup brands like NYX or Maybelline from your local Target or Ulta. You don’t have to be a pro to pull off these looks and it’s a great way for you to test out your makeup skills this Holiday season.