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2019 Doesn’t Have to be Your Best Year

2019 is here and I’m sure all of you have a mental list of your New Year’s resolutions. While New Year’s resolutions are great for those who can stick to them, most of us will admit that we can’t. As classes and work starts up again, our schedules become hectic and our resolutions usually get pushed to the back-burner. This is why you don’t need any crazy, complicated resolutions. 2019 doesn’t have to be your “best” year. You have your whole life ahead of you to have your “best” year.

I saw a tweet on New Year’s Eve from Manny MUA that really stood out to me. It said “I don’t believe in “new year new me” I believe in “new year, improved me”. I think this is something that everyone should hear. Don’t focus on creating a new you, but focus on improving yourself year round in small ways.

As college students, the majority of us spend most of our year stressed about school, money, jobs, etc., so 2019 probably won’t be your best year, but it doesn’t have to be. Instead of trying to make this year the best, try to just work on a more improved version of yourself. We’re all still young and have our entire lives ahead of us. Keep working on you, and don’t set your standards too high for who you want to become this year. No matter what you’re doing, you’re constantly working towards being a more improved version of yourself (in ways you may not even realize) and I think that’s better than any outrageous New Year’s resolution you set.

If we stop trying so hard to make every year our best or set unrealistic New Year’s resolutions that we can never complete, I think we will create so much more positivity in our lives. We won’t be so hard on ourselves when we set our own standards too high. Make changes to your life when it’s best for you; you don’t have to wait for the new year.

Victoria Price is a sophomore strategic communicatons major at West Virginia University. She is emphasizing in public relations and minoring in law and legal studies, with hopes of attending law school after graduating with her Bachelor's degree. Aside from being a member of Her Campus, Victoria has written for Ed on Campus, WVU's student magazine organization. 
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